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  1. Understood. I don't think my disks go to sleep. It really doesn't worry me from some years ago. At this point, I'm not sure what to do. I'll wait some other feedback before making a decision.
  2. Hi @IG-88 I've been out last days and this thread and your great drivers change quickly. Now it's easy to get confused among versions. J4105B with 9211-8i IT here. DSM 6.2.3-25426 918+. 1.04b loader. extra918plus_v0.11. Smart Info and SHR volumes (BTFRS) seem to work flawlessly. 25 days now. Just to be sure, is extra918plus_v0.11 unsafe? Should I sacrifice smart info and migrate to extra918plus_v0.13.3? Thanks a lot for your brilliant work.
  3. Did you tried /s parameter? Ex: wmac c 7085C2110715 /s
  4. Sent you a PM.. I forgot to mention you'll need a Windows to do it. You could download and use a live CD though. Good luck
  5. Actually I don't think wee could achive an automatic frequency scaling. Only powersave performance userspace here. There are some scripts over there to adjust frequency when in userspace. I used one of them some time ago. But couldn't we get a new ondemand governor with cpufreq_ondemand.ko?
  6. extra918plus_v0.11 working like a charm. Smart info looking nice! Next step: cpufreq_ondemand.ko I'll play ASAP. Thanks indeed. You are great.
  7. Yo creo que tienes dos opciones. La segunda es más aconsejable desde el punto de vista de la seguridad. 1.- Más o menos, lo que dice ese video. Habilitar el acceso SSH al usuario root: - Establece contraseña del usuario admin. Esa misma contraseña debe ser la de root. - SSH como admin y ejecuta sudo -i Pon la contraseña de admin. Y pulsa intro. - Introduce synouser --setpw root ppppp Donde ppppp debe ser la contraseña de admin. No vale otra. - Ejecuta cp -p /etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config.orig && sed -i 's/\#PermitRootLogin prohibit
  8. I modded your extra2.lzma with Juns' original mpt3sas.ko but DSM doesn´t like and doesn't boot . On my XPE I can't play now with a chroot jail and I tried on a Ubuntu machine. Cpio compression should be different, I guess.
  9. Hi IG-88, All working fine but little smart info issue. Which files could we try to put back from Jun?
  10. Not sure to understand. How to achieve Realtek 8111F NIC drivers then? Not on Jun extra 1.03b.