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    XPEnology Configuration Tool & Bootloader DSM 6.0.2-8451

    Hi I'm having issues getting my System upgraded from DSM 5.2 to 6 Hardware: HP Microserver G7 N54L - AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L (2.2GHz) Install Type: Baremetal AMD (& Baremetal & Forced Install) NIC Model: NC107i which is Broadcom BCM5723 chipset (on the Supported List) Storage: Embedded AMD SATA (Works on XPENOLOGY DSM5.2) Issue: Network I have concluded that my network card is unrecognized, I do not have a serial port connection but I do not get any DHCP lease and have used IP Scanner to no avail. Yet the chipset is on the supported list. Does anyone else have this issue? I've tried find.synology.com with no luck, and I have tried the usb boot stick I have written on a different machine and that does work. Any tips would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks Brynn Harrison
  2. harrisonbc

    Suggestions for HW Config

    Hi, So I have a HP Microserver N54L with 6x3TB HDDs (4 internal, one in ODD bay and one external) running DSM 5.0 and have been very happy, except for one factor and that is the time taken to transcode my movies on Plex (which I use extensively), this is due to the CPU Maxing at 100%. I would therefore like to upgrade my hardware and was looking for suggestions for a platform with a significantly more powerful CPU. Do I go for a HP Microserver Gen 8, and upgrade the CPU, how many Drives can I have in this config? Or Do I go full custom and look for a small NAS box with ~6 3.5" Drives and a ITX Motherboard? Suggestions please The box will be in the living room so will have to be sufficiently quiet to gain SAF certification (Spousal Approval Factor) Thanks
  3. harrisonbc

    External USB Devices on gnoBoot/DSM5

    Here you go, thanks for looking into this. Rgds lspci.zip dmesg2.zip
  4. harrisonbc

    External USB Devices on gnoBoot/DSM5

    I've recently upgraded my HP Microserver to DSM5 with gnoBoot and just about everything works great. The only thing I need help with is external USB devices, namely USB memory sticks and my USB DVB-T2. I can see one partition from my boot USB stick, but nothing else, whenever I plug a USB stick in I get uknown device type messages. I remember in the trantor/4.2 I had to copy some .ko kernel modules to /lib/modules but I've not seen anything for DSM5. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  5. The NAS box is the Plex server, you will need a plex client to connect to the TV, this could be a Chromecast, a roku box, a raspberry pi running plex or a DLNA client. There are lots of options. The media streams over the network from the NAS box to the client, you do not connect the NAS box to the TV. Rgds Brynn
  6. harrisonbc

    Xpenology 5.4458 and DS audio

    I had the same issue but the 3.3 android version now works and connects as before.