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    NoIP DDNS service

    Your problem is probably related to NAT loopback rather than a DNS problem. See if your router supports NAT loopback and if so, enable it and see if that works. If your router doesn't support UPnP I doubt it would support NAT Loopback though. We used to alter host files in a windows environment to have the IP of the system correspond with the DDNS. I don't know if that's possible with xpenology.
  2. Meniak

    What hardware are you using?

    I could do that but I guess I will never hit the 5 nor 6 Gbps theoretical transfer speed with the WD Red disks I put in there.
  3. Meniak

    What hardware are you using?

    My build is an Intel Nuc D54250WYKH2 with a Fantec 4 bay enclosure that supports e-Sata and USB 3.0. Although theoretically 1 Gbps slower I chose USB 3.0 over SATA because I need to leave the NUC open to connect SATA whereas I can just connect USB on the back. I really like this setup. It's rather fast, silent, power efficient and compact.