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    4.3 issues

    Please excuse my complete lack of knowledge!!! I am VERY new to all this, but I had the opportunity to purchase an N54L for a cheap price and got one! I have successfully installed DSM 4.3 (Thank you Trantor!!! ) very much appreciated. I would like to be able to turn on my N54L via the DS Finder Android app (this is how I shut it down) and as I understand it this is possible with WOL? I haven't a clue how to make this work and I have done some searching and reading on here (various how to's) but I'm still stuck due to my lack of know-how ! From what I can gather I need to know the actual MAC address of my N54L, how (in simple terms) do I find out what this is?? Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out!!
  2. CluelessBeginner!

    HP ProLiant Microserver N54L-Install XPEnology

    Thank you Fonix I appreciate the advice. Where can I find the modded BIOS? And I'm guessing this would also be my first step?
  3. First post, and as you can see from my user name, I'm a complete beginner! So I apologise in advance for sounding completely dense! My knowledge of servers and networking is very limited, but I'm reaching out for any advice I can get!!! The N54L came up again on offer and just seemed a total bargain for around £100. I've heard a lot of good things about them for using them as a home media server. I also here that using XPEnology is an awesome way to go. Basically, I have the above micro server (not upgraded in any way). Awaiting delivery of a 3TB SATA drive which I have already noticed people have used successfully in this server. I have around 1.1TB (to date) of MKV movies and TV shows on an external 2TB drive. I want to use the micro server as a way of using PLEX on my TV. I have the app on my Samsung Smart TV and I've heard a lot of good things about PLEX. I would also like to use the server to back up photos and music as well. Does any have (or have a link to) a guide for beginners such as myself, on how to get XPEnology up and running from scratch?? I thought for the money it was well worth me trawling the net for information and having a crack at it! Hopefully I won't make a complete mess of it, but I like a challenge!!!