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    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    FYI for anyone else interested in this feature... I just bit the bullet and installed the package https://download.xpenology.fr/XPEnology/565e27e7cbd9cb0d97819f126887b64d/56c0f347/open-vm-tools_bromolow-5.1_9.10.0-2476743-1.spk ...onto my DSM 5.2-5592 running on esxi 6.0 and am pleased to say from the first test, a Guest Shutdown, worked perfectly and booted back up afterwards with no issues. Hopefully, if i ever need to shut it down in this way, it will work as well again.
  2. dasmith83

    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    Is anyone able to confirm what VM Tools version works with ESXi 6.0? Tested working? I really don't want to brick my XPEnology server but using the tools... thanks in advance
  3. dasmith83

    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    Hi, thanks for the post. Can you just confirm the version of open vm tools you're running successfully with ESXi 6.0 please? Just to make sure i get the right one. Also, i read somewhere that people had volumes crashing, upon startup of xpenology, post "graceful" shutdown via vm tools - have you experienced this at all? I'm only really looking to use this in an emergency, as i'm looking to configure a Cyberpower UPS which when on battery can gracefully shut the VMs and eventually the host down too. But ideally, i'd like the volumes to be intact one reboot! lol To confirm - I'm running DSM DS3615xs_5592 with the latest update - currently not moved to the 5644 version yet. Thanks again, Dave
  4. dasmith83

    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    Hi guys...interesting read - i too have ESXi 6.0 with Xpenology running and have been looking for a way to use a UPS to gracefully shut the VMs and host down if required...looks like i have sourced a UPS, however need VM tools to be working. Did anyone succeed in getting open vm tools working on esxi 6 with Xpenology? Thanks in advance