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  1. [update] Just finished installing 4.2 with this version : http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=9 ... 50#p326039 And it works like a charm. Speed is back and systems responds fluently.
  2. Ive succesfully installed the XPEnology 4.1++ ( more hardware ) version on my qnap. To make it work i had to disable the interal dom usb flash hd ( just remove it ) and install an external usb to boot from. The installed dsm was 4.1 and I had to write the usb twice to make the magic happen ( after 1st time it gave me GRUB failures due to the dsm installer do stuff to the usb stick. the 4.2 Beta version is as succesfull but i couldnt install any extra software. BUT !!!!!!!!!! Man the network performance is so slow i am able to get 20/30 MB per sec instead of the 80-110 i am usually getting with qnap own software. am i missing a toggle or ? Any help is appreciated. Dre