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  1. I'm pretty sure you have to specify the port number along with the ip address if you haven't done that already. Same thing with remote connecting to any other service as the NAS is only listening on a specific port. So if you have your router forwarding external port 22 to internal port 22... "x.x.x.x:22" or something like that. You could also forward ports that don't match. I have a random external port forwarded to an internal 5000 so I can access my DSM externally (sometimes).
  2. I had a similar issue, but the fact that the old USB isn't working tells me there might be a corrupted DSM install on your old drives. Start with the basics: 1. VID/PID correct? MAC needs to be different from any other device. If you're copying the MAC from your Windows PC, that will explain why it doesn't work. Make sure you SAVE the updated grub file (I made this mistake once) 2. Network cable plugged in? Seriously, check that there are little lights on the NIC showing its connected. 3. Before powering up anything, unplug the router and plug it back in so it clears the DHCP leases. Then power everything on. 4. Check the router to see if your NAS is pulling an IP address. If it is, try navigating to it directly, if not... 5. Try both Synology Assistant as well as I've had one work where the other doesn't. 6. If nothing works, disconnect your HDDs and plug in a single temporary drive and repeat. If that works, install xpenology as normal, then disconnect the temp drive and reconnect the old ones. Check my "Recoverable Loop fix" thread in the Tutorials section. If none of that works, let us know
  3. Dell R210 II with Jun's 1.02b loader not working.

    Is it picking up an IP address visible on your router/dhcp server? When you say "generated sn/mac" are you not using your hardware mac? If it is picking up an IP address, can you navigate directly to it? I've seen it where going to works when the assistant doesn't (and vice versa)
  4. New install DSM 6.1 on N54L? cannot find in LAN

    Fresh install (wiped drives) or is there an existing DSM setup on the drives?
  5. I had a problem where my baremetal (6.1.3-8) became undiscoverable on the network following a reboot and would not pick up an ip address (according to the router). Putting in a newly created bootloader USB made the device discoverable through Synology Assistant and, but was listed as "recoverable". Clicking "recover" (the only option) started an immediate reboot which caused the diskstation to become undiscoverable again. Symptoms: 1. Diskstation disappears from network and is undiscoverable (no IP address) - possibly associated with an update. 2. New USB bootloader makes DS reappear but is marked as "RECOVERABLE" 3. Hitting recover causes an immediate reboot where DS returns to symptom #1 (disappears from the network) 4. Going to an older bootloader version shows the DS as "migratable" but refuses to install the associated .PAT due to the older version 5. Going to a newer bootloader version shows as "recoverable", returns to symptom #1 Causes - Not sure but likely a corrupted or mismatch in the DSM software on the volume. Fix (following the synology data migrate process for 5.x) 1. Remove ALL HDDs associated with the DS 2. Prepare new USB bootloader using the established processes. Must be the same version of your old volumes or later 3. Plug in blank temporary HDD by itself (I used an 80GB laptop HDD so anything will do) 4. Go through normal installation process. Setup as per old DSM settings (can use config backup files). Test with a restart or two 5. Shutdown DS, unplug temp HDD, reconnect HDDs 6. Power-on. Find using or Synology Assistant. Should be shown as "Migratable" 7. Chose "Fresh Install, Keep my data". Go through normal process. 8. Setup however you like. Success!! I'm not advanced enough of a user to know if there are other methods of repairing this problem; this is the one that worked for me.
  6. [VMM] BSOD on install

    I couldn't even get it to install before it BSOD on my G4620 build. Win 7 works
  7. Xpenology NAS Build Review

    I have a very similar build to this. (G4620, B250 mb, 8GB DDR4, 6 HDDs, Node 304). It runs great. I can confirm that the Node 304 case will fit 6 drives and it comes with 2 front fans blowing over the drives and 1 rear fan exhausting, and it keeps the system nice and cool. The case is very tight with all six drives in it but it does fit. The motherboard has a lot of features you won't use as part of a NAS build, but thats a really good price and you won't save any money by going to a lower-spec one. And you can always reuse it. I'd also suggest 8gb of RAM. I think you'll be fine with 4gb and you can always add a stick later. I would, however, suggest the highest quality PSU you can find within your budget. You're doing the right thing going with a modular or semi-modular PSU because there's like zero space to manage the mass of wires a non-modular PSU will give you. A NAS will be on 24/7 and better PSUs produce less heat/noise and are more reliable. Yours will probably be fine though
  8. I don't know if SLAT is necessary because (according to Intel) my J1900 doesn't support SLAT or VT-X but I have no problems with VMM. I have a Win10 and a Win7 VM on it and I can run either with no problems. I also have another XPE build on a G4620 and it runs a Win7 VM great but will fail on a Win10 install even though it does support VT-D, VT-X and SLAT (according to intel)
  9. Go into your BIOS and enable everything you have that is associated with virtualization: VT-X, VT-D, etc. Older motherboards have an option just called "Virtualization" or "Virtualization Technology".
  10. Still random shutdown on DSM 6.1

    I would do a fresh install and see if that clears it up. I'm running a q1900-itx and have no problems with the drivers on the 'stock' XPE iso. If that doesn't work, try to rule out a hardware problem. Check your RAM with memtest, and/or try a different power supply (maybe you got a bad one).
  11. DSM 6.2 Beta

    It looks like Synology is doing another upgrade. I wonder if that means there's not going to be a 6.1.4...
  12. My Nas not appear in network location

    Making sure desktop and NAS were on the same Workgroup worked for me once upon a time
  13. Can I switch the PC and keep the Data?

    Yes, its designed to do this. Say you have a genuine Synology box and you upgrade to another. Just move the drives from one to another. For xpenology, you also have to move the bootloader USB as well. Should boot right up
  14. I got a Win7Pro64 VM working on my baremetal Q1900ITX. I only gave it 2 cores and 1GB of RAM. The low level of RAM was a problem, but everything works and its surprisingly responsive if I'm not doing anything on it. I'm running Jun's 1.02b, 6.1.3U4, DS3615xs I did read somewhere that in order for VMM to work on synology boxes, you had to be running Brtfs and not ext4
  15. So, I've been doing a lot of work on my Xpenology NAS over the last few days: Experimenting with Dockers, VMs, customizations, etc, and am starting to get annoyed at the ~5sec delay the web interface takes to update the desktop, etc. I did a brief dig around the settings as well as the config files, but don't know enough to start messing around and am afraid I'll break stuff. I don't even know if it is indeed possible or if I'm using the right terminology... So, is it possible for my xpenology box to update/refresh the web page interface faster? Q1900-ITX, 4GB, 2x3TB & 2x2TB in SHR-1 6.1.3 U4 Download Station, Docker (1 running container).