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  1. Still random shutdown on DSM 6.1

    I would do a fresh install and see if that clears it up. I'm running a q1900-itx and have no problems with the drivers on the 'stock' XPE iso. If that doesn't work, try to rule out a hardware problem. Check your RAM with memtest, and/or try a different power supply (maybe you got a bad one).
  2. DSM 6.2 Beta

    It looks like Synology is doing another upgrade. I wonder if that means there's not going to be a 6.1.4...
  3. My Nas not appear in network location

    Making sure desktop and NAS were on the same Workgroup worked for me once upon a time
  4. Yes, its designed to do this. Say you have a genuine Synology box and you upgrade to another. Just move the drives from one to another. For xpenology, you also have to move the bootloader USB as well. Should boot right up
  5. I got a Win7Pro64 VM working on my baremetal Q1900ITX. I only gave it 2 cores and 1GB of RAM. The low level of RAM was a problem, but everything works and its surprisingly responsive if I'm not doing anything on it. I'm running Jun's 1.02b, 6.1.3U4, DS3615xs I did read somewhere that in order for VMM to work on synology boxes, you had to be running Brtfs and not ext4
  6. So, I've been doing a lot of work on my Xpenology NAS over the last few days: Experimenting with Dockers, VMs, customizations, etc, and am starting to get annoyed at the ~5sec delay the web interface takes to update the desktop, etc. I did a brief dig around the settings as well as the config files, but don't know enough to start messing around and am afraid I'll break stuff. I don't even know if it is indeed possible or if I'm using the right terminology... So, is it possible for my xpenology box to update/refresh the web page interface faster? Q1900-ITX, 4GB, 2x3TB & 2x2TB in SHR-1 6.1.3 U4 Download Station, Docker (1 running container).
  7. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4

    Just updated my Q1900-ITX from 6.0.X to 6.1.3 U4 successfully. Used Jun's 1.02b loader. Copied the VID/PID, SN, MAC. Used the stock ramdisk and everything else. Clean install which kept all the data but I had to reinstall all the apps, although it somehow remembered all the data settings. My docker also came up nicely after I reinstalled the app without having to re set it up. HDDs never hibernate but thats because of the Docker (Unifi controller) as well as the Cloud Sync thats always keeping it active.
  8. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hi, plese let me know how you installed Plex because in my installation I don't have the server I didn't install Plex. Only what Synology provides as part of their packages
  9. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hi, plese let me know how you installed Plex because in my installation I don't have the server I didn't install Plex. Only what Synology provides as part of their packages
  10. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    So after about two months I can say this: Its working just fine. I initially had some problems with the drives SMART status being read properly, but that cleared up after a reboot. Photostation works File Station works Video Station works Media Server works. All in all, it looks and acts exactly the same as my DSM 5.2 except a little speedier. Running baremetal with 2x2TB WD Greens, and 2x1TB WD Blacks in the SHR that I had with 5.2. Everything migrated exactly. The only thing I miss is I was just starting to mess around with doing a virtual machine within DSM, but I cannot do that with 6.
  11. Working DSM 6

    Got this successfully installed on my Q1900-ITX baremetal with no problems using Jun's 1.1 bootloader (huge THANKS btw). Data and settings migrated fully. However, the storage manager says my drives are part of an expansion unit, and I cannot read the SMART information anymore (no problems on 5.2). I did the force-install as I got the 'disk port disabled' error at first, and it worked just fine. Should I go back and add the SATAPortMap line?
  12. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    I successfully installed 6.0.2-4 on baremetal. Pulled the drives and did a practice upgrade with an old drive to see if it worked. It did so I put everything back together and pulled the trigger. No loss of data, and no loss of settings that I've noticed. I did it with the Jun bootloader and edited the VID/PID and put in the serial # and MAC address that I got from the DSM 5.2 Info page. Had to do the force-install because it didn't recognize the SATA controller (I guess) but it worked just fine after that. I did notice that the bootloader for DSM 6 seems to take longer to get everything up than the 5.2 one. Like 1.5min vs 45sec (wild guesses, really). But this could be a consequence of something else: Haven't dug terribly deep yet. It did a re-index of the thumbnails, etc from my photostation and videostation collection after I upgraded the packages. All work. Also running DL station just fine. My (work) test network is running through an old 100mbps router so I haven't done a comparison of network speeds, nor have I tried to remotely log in or access photostation from an external ip address yet, but no problems mapping network drives and accessing files. Running it with 2x WD 2TB Greens and 2x 1TB WD Blacks in SHR. Gives me 3.6TB of usable. However, it does have a problem with reading the SMART status. No problems seeing the status before with 5.2, and I don't know why it seems to think there's an expansion unit that these drives are part of, but there's clearly something wrong going on here. Any ideas?
  13. XPEnology and DS Video

    It is wireless, but its on N and its never had a problem playing some HD videos using DS Video. Its only when the NAS is being asked to transcode does it start to lose quality.
  14. XPEnology and DS Video

    It'll start at 100% and ramp down depending on the bitrate of the file. After it ramps down, the playback is still choppy and pixellated
  15. XPEnology and DS Video

    I hope this is the right place to ask this question. Thanks to all the info on this forum I have successfully built my own NAS that works far far better than the DS211j I used to have. Q1900-ITX, 4gb RAM, 4TB SHR array, onboard everything else. Using noboot 5.2-5644.3 with Video Station updated to latest version. The problem I have is that DS Video seems to play to my apple tv (V3) at about half the framerate and with significant pixellation. I've adjusted the transcoding quality on the DSVideo app with no apparent change in quality or effects. Not all files are affected by this (although the majority are) and it doesn't seem to matter if the video file is a 480p, 720p, or 1080p, the issue remains the same. Am I running into limitations with the hardware, DSVideo software, of the XPEnology build? Or are there settings which I should play around with? I know Plex is an option but I'd like to exhaust my options with DSVideo first. Thank you