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    Compiling Synology NAS GPL Source & DSM Tool Chains

    Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that was the case. There are several business clients I have purchased Synology hardware devices but I was hoping to use a virtual version for myself. You know, I would be willing to shell out $99 for an VM version if they offered that at some point. When you think about it thats actually a decent idea. However, I am sure someone has already thought of offering a VM and it was shot down for some reason, probablly licensing. If you were wondering why a VM? The reason would be I already have invested in a hardware/storage virtualized infrastructure and could leverage those resources. Specifically VMWare ESXi and/or Hyper-V. Just a dream.
  2. The Synology DSM is really neat. I see they offer the NAS Source and DSM tool chains as open source and downloadable from sourceforge. Is it possible to compile the source files and run Synology in a VM or other hardware legally? I have skimmed around the forums and see some areas that might be gray but possibly because I don't understand what is taking place. Is this all perfectly legal? It seems too good to be true.....