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  1. Weird.. I've tested it in VMware and on my server (normal install, main OS) and if I take te bootloader of version 5.5592 I can update it to the last version with the official Synology Updates.. No problem on both platforms. I can go till version 5.2-5644 update 1 no problem what so ever . * I always chance the serial and mac adress, maybe that has an influence?
  2. Love your work! I'm using the ports now for a couple of months.. And there amazing! But recently my motherboard (where I had a raid 5 config on) died, and I want to switch to a raid card.. I had in mind for an Highpoint RocketRaid (3510) is he supported? I see in the start post that the Rocketraid 3xxx/4xxx series is supported, but is this every raidcard in the line? @ Trantor, I don't know if this is the place to post "driver requests"? But could you maybe add to a next update the network drivers of the asus m2n-sli deluxe. It's an Nvidia chipset, but I can't get the Lan up running . Here is a link to the specs of the motherboard: ... ifications Many thanks