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  1. Hi, Would this card work? Cheers. IBM ServeRAID M1015 flashed in IT mode (LSI 9211-8i or LSI 9220-8i).
  2. Salut, la séquence de boot va-t-elle plus loin lorsque le contrôleur du chip audio intégré est désactivé ? Idem pour pour le contrôleur USB et SATA sur lequel le HDD est connecté. L'idée étant d'identifier la source du problème par élimination. Si le SATA est à l'origine du problème, il faudra trouver une carte PCIe compatible avec DSM. Tiens-nous au courant
  3. Bonjour, comme dit à de multiples reprises, la version DSM 4.3 n'est pas encore disponible. En effet, Synology y a intégré de nouvelles protections logicielles rendant le "portage" difficile. En attendant une version stable (qui n'est pas prête d'arriver), il convient d'utiliser la dernière version 4.2 (très) stable.
  4. Not yet as Synology added advanced software protection with DSM 4.3. At the moment, it is NOT recommended to use the latest version. We'll just have to be patient and enjoy 4.2
  5. Not yet as Synology added advanced software protection with DSM 4.3. At the moment, it is NOT recommended to use the latest version. We'll just have to be patient and enjoy 4.2
  6. ESXi 5.5 also provides a new VM compatibility level (virtual hardware v10), that includes support for a virtual-SATA Advance Host Controller Interface (AHCI). Theoretically, performance should be the same... but as always, it all depends on the RAID array type; type and number of disks behind the controller; connectivity (iSCSI/FC/NFS); etc. If you're after performance, you can use vSphere Flash Read Cache or Pernix FVP!
  7. Et en désactivant les ports SATA inutiles dans le BIOS ? Souvent un contrôleur Marvell est intégré à la carte mère, qu'il convient de désactiver.
  8. I confirm, performance on both the boot disk and data volume is MUCH better The boot sequence now displays: 'Enable Synology SATA Fast Booting'! Simply replace the IDE controller (remove virtuals disks from inventory) with SATA. All data is kept intact, no problem.
  9. Hi, I was wondering about DSM's I/O performance on iSCSI or NFS for VMware vSphere 5.x I'm using a NexentaStor ZFS virtual machine with ZiL and L2ARC on SSD: performance is great! An LSI/M1015 PCIe card flashed in IT mode - with 8 HDD - is being passed through using VT-d, no problem. As mentioned on the previous POST, support in ESXi is robust and does not require the use of RDM and PVSCSI. SMART is working too, natively. NexentaStor also has a great feature to light up channels on the LSI/M1015 card (visible blink on the PCB), to identify the disk where the SATA cable is attached t
  10. Hi, I'm trying to change default MAC address and SN to be able to use Synology HA on a virtual DS3612xs (VMware), without success. Found a couple of posts (check links below), but just can't find a step-by-step procedure. Can someone help please? Cheers. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=910#p4226 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1101#p5625 ... 2-3211/150 ... 018&page=2
  11. I'm using Surveillance Station that consumes a lot of storage space. Disk capacity is now getting close to saturation. Using VMware, I've easily managed to increase the virtual disk size that hold the precious data. DSM Storage Manager is able to identify the new capacity... but is unable to expand the older partition with the new one. Tried to use Gparted without success as dmraid is being used. Any experience on how to retreive full disk space at the OS level? Thanks. P.S. I'm using VMware Workstation 9.0.2 & DSM 4.2 Build 3211++ (repack 1.2)
  12. Pour outrepasser l'erreur, il convient de créer un disque virtuel en mode IDE, en plus du disque boot de 32Mo. Pour ma part, cela a résolu le même problème exposé ci-dessus (échec de formatage du disque). Au passage, le mode "Thin Provisioning" est supporté
  13. Has anyone tried to enable Nonpersistent, independent mode on the boot disk instead of re-uploading the xxxxx-flat.vmdk file?