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  1. Hi Andy,


    Thank you for this build with additional drivers.


    Now the issues :?:

    1. If I try to install on 3ware controller there is no option, as the disk is not seen in the initail installation wizzard(web page).

    when looking at the console when booting I see that SCSI controller is detected as removable drive. I think this is the problem why I can't install on RAID disk.


    2. If I install on SATA the install goes OK but after reboot when almost all is loaded, the DS goes to shutdown.

    If I unplug the RAID controller then everything is working OK. Except RAID of course:(


    I would upload the log file, but I don't have permission so here are some errors I think my help:


    Jan 23 04:35:56 synoindexd: synoindexd.c:65 SYNOShareEnum failed, synoerr=0xB500

    Jan 23 04:36:00 index.cgi: external_microp_id_check.c:44 Fail to open synobios

    platform error

    Jan 23 04:36:00 poweroff: init/halt.c (76) Fail to shmget from LCM module. Error=No such file or directory

    Jan 23 04:36:00 syno_poweroff_task: syno_poweroff_task.c:83 Fail to Terminate scemd

    Jan 23 04:36:00 synosshdutils: synosshdutils.c:239 Failed to remove key [sftpd], errno=No such file or directory. [0x0900 file_get_key_value.c:56]

    Jan 23 04:36:00 synosshdutils: synosshdutils.c:194 Failed to fopen [/tmp/sshd.reference]. err=No such file or directory

    Jan 23 04:36:01 kernel: [ 51.793911] 3w-9xxx: scsi0: ERROR: (0x03:0x0101): Invalid command opcode:opcode=0xA1.

    Jan 23 04:36:01 index.cgi: external_microp_id_check.c:44 Fail to open synobios

    platform error


    Hi, I have the same problem here with an LSI Raid 9840 MegaRaid card.... put the card in and it fails to boot and just shuts down. Did you get anywhere with this issue? - thanks.

  2. That's great - thanks... look forward to the new build... Mine are seen, they're just not 'compatible' yet.....


    Any idea if it's possible to add OCZ Revo 3 / Revo 3 X2 drivers to the build to be seen as normal discs only?

  3. Had a quick look at hex editing... trialed on VBOX image only as getting late....


    Seems a quick change (only for the last number in the serial) that works with the check sum is that the number after the serial number needs to be 1 higher.


    e.g. if your serial is B3J4N00000 then the version in the file will need to be B3J4N000001

    So, if you want your serial to be B3J4N00008 then the version in the file needs to be B3J4N000089


    ...not tried editing the IMG file yet, but assume the same will work.....

  4. That's great - many thanks....


    Have added a few more SSD product codes to your other post request....


    Any chance you could add the Intel C600 series chipset to your next build too and may be a few more common NIC drivers too - that would be fantastic!


    Thanks again,



  5. Hi,


    A few more SSD product codes to add please?


















  6. Hi, Tried XPEnology yesterday. Very well done. All good on VBOX.


    Tested on two MB's to see if the assistant can see it on the LAN before install, results as follows....


    Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5

    - Built in 1GB Intel LAN : OK

    - Intel X520-T2 10GB Card : Fail


    ASRock Z77 Extreme 6

    - Built in LAN : Fail

    - Intel X520-T2 10GB Card : Fail

    - 3Com 3C1000BT Card : Fail

    - Realtek 8139D Card : fail



    Any idea about the built in LAN for the Z77 board above? Also what 10GB network cards would work with the XPEnology? Could you get it to work with the Intels above, is it a fairly easy task? Happy to donate if get it working!


    Kind Regards, and great work. Much appreciated!