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  1. Figured it out, SHR isn't used any more. Everything working fine now. Thanks for the advice
  2. So stupid question, but how do I add a new disk? I've added HDD3 and DSM sees it. My existing drives are SHR but I don't see how to make the new drive the same. I thought you had to go to RAID group and create a new one and then you go to volume and create but RAID group doesn't give me the option to create an SHR disk.
  3. Great informative post. Currently I'm at the stage where everything *appears* to be working with the exception of one HDD which has been showing as 'crashed' for a while now in DSM and couldn't be written to (only read). If I install this drive back in to the system I end up with the problem where I get a network connection briefly on startup and then it loses the connection and I have to pull the plug. I'm currently in the process of swapping that with a HDD that's in my WinPC (once the data transfer finishes). Right now though Xpenology / DSM seems to be working as
  4. I've made some progress. I pulled all the HDD's and booted it up, then ran the DSM. It asked to install a HDD, did that (hot) and then it wanted me to install DSM. I didn't do that. I shut it down. I then started it back up with the HDD in and I actually managed to navigate DSM with no network dropout. Shut it down again and now adding each HDD back in one by one.
  5. The problem seems to be it keeps dropping the connection. I boot it up and it starts up and I can login but then it drops off the network and that's it.
  6. It's gone again. Restarted it but it's not showing up in the router. Would reinstalling Jun's Loader fix this?
  7. No, something isn't right. I'm logged in to DSM but the packages aren't working. File Station won't even open, just get the spinning circle on the icon also even though it shows up in the router and I'm actually logged in both Synology Assistant and DS Finder are showing it as offline. Can't open Control Panel, can't do anything.
  8. Tried find.synology.com and it says nothing is there. I either log in to my router and look at the list of connected devices or I use Windows and look at what's showing on the network. The diskstation doesn't show in either of them. the DS Finder app just shows it offline as well. Oh, wait... it's working after I tried your suggestion of resetting the BIOS. It's showing in the router and I'm logged in to DSM, the packages are back as well. However, both Synology Assistant and DS Finder show it as 'Offline'
  9. Yep. The LAN light flashes. I can turn it on via Wake On Lan but once it's booted up it doesn't seem to be connecting to the LAN. I assume DSM is still functioning as it should just that it's unreachable.
  10. Argh, I've broken it. I shutdown and then started it up via WoL but now I can't access the DSM, it's not showing up connected to my router and if I connect it to a monitor it just says 'Booting the Kernel' (which is what it should do I think?). IT appears to have no LAN connection anymore.
  11. Done it, finally! All works now. Thanks to you both for all your help. These two posts also helped a lot in getting past that final hurdle: I do have one more problem, all my packages have now disappeared from here even though they still appear to be running, how do I recover them?
  12. It's not working fully yet, I need to to the shutdown script in the above link so it works all the time
  13. Aha! It works! I had to boot up the system and then when it finished booting I killed the power at the switch. Then when I used DS Finder to wake it up it turns on. So it seems the issue is when the system is shutdown through DSM or the task scheduler it's not shutting down properly. I need to do the shutdown script in the above link but I'm not familiar with how I create the file in Putty and set the execute permissions.
  14. So through a steep learning process I've figured out how to navigate through Putty and everything points to the MAC address being correct where it needs to be; the Wake On Lan app, the grub file, in DSM, the BIOS, etc, the MAC address is the same in all of them. I've logged in as root and entered ethtool -s eth0 wol g synoinfo.conf shows wol as enabled and eth0 set to g I've bound the MAC to the IP in ARP in the router (as well as using address reservation). Neither Wake on Lan app or Synology Assistant can wake it. I think I need
  15. How do I look at the synoinfo.conf file in putty to make sure the settings are correct? edit: figured it out Is this the problem? the wol settings are set to 'd' or not, just found this