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  1. Works on my HP microserver GEN8
  2. Oh! I'm running on HP proliant gen8 and works perfectly!
  3. Hi, it's possible install update 4? tnx in adv.
  4. OMG! Now I'm running on dsm 6.02-8451 upd11... directly update by DSM interface. Jun's loader 1.01. After first boot the nas not avaible, cold reset and now worsk fine. HP proliant gen 8 G1610T
  5. Hello. i'm on DSM 6.02-8451 upd 8@jun loader 1.01. Can upgrade to 6.02-8451 upd 10 directly by syno interface? Thx
  6. ... 15.191.iso
  7. Ciao, c'è il jun's loader nella sez. inglese e francese, io l'ho fatto e funziona davvero bene. è semplice da seguire. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100
  8. Hello world. I have a DSM 5.2-5644 upd 5 on HP Micro Server Gen8 with 1610 Celeron upgraded to DSM 6.0.2 8451 upd5 by jun's loader. Question: Can upgrade to DSM 6.0.2 8451 upd9 by control panel? thanks ooooookkkkay
  9. Natta le porte sul router...
  10. Grazie dei consigli, ho preso delle kkmoon e configurare onvif. Funzionano...
  11. DSM 5.2 SS 7.1-4155 patched with 0.61 NOT WORK...
  12. ça marce, onvif!
  13. Oui, je voudrais des conseil pour l'achat... svp.
  14. Merci! a vous des liens marchent ... 00-eu.html? si avez-vous de conseil...