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  1. Trantor, thank you for including the pata_legacy as a module. If I can't use the intel ss4200 as a NAS then I just can't use it for much.
  2. @colombodk I can't speak for the NM10 chipset, but for the ICH7R chipset SATA/PATA controller used in the intel ss4200 the pata_legacy is the only driver that I've found will work for it in all current versions of Ubuntu or Debian. You can use a live CD to load and query for loaded drivers to verify.
  3. @vasiiy_gr, I'm not sure why your mobo has problems or what it does with the pata_legacy module, but I requested Trantor to include that driver. I have been using (and needing) that driver because it is the ONLY one that works with an Intel 945GZ chipset (not exactly new, but not ancient like the ones listed on wikipedia) that reside in the Intel ss4200 NAS. This system is designed to boot off an on-board DOM in the PATA port. It's a custom NAS that the bios is crippled and doesn't really cater to other boot media options. @gnoboot, Ubuntu 13.10 does include the pata_legacy by default as well as Wheezy, but I do have to load it when my sata controller is configured in "enhanced" mode which is needed to enable the pata port, sata ports, and e-sata ports. So Trantor, do you have any advice or instructions that I can include the pata_legacy module for my boot image? Thanks again for all your time and efforts.
  4. Thanks for the update. I'd like to try alpha6 but I can't seem to download the files. I've getting the rsdf files fine, but jdownloader always reports problems. Am I the only one with problems, what's the secret?
  5. Thanks for the update. I'd like to try alpha6 but I can't seem to download the files. I've getting the rsdf files fine, but jdownloader always reports problems. Am I the only one with problems, what's the secret?
  6. Thanks for all your hard work. Any chance on adding the pata_legacy.ko module? I need this driver for my boot drive and would like to test this.
  7. @czgif Yes the Scaleo server does have a COM port, that is what you would need to connect a terminal emulation program to for using a serial console. You will need to get a DB9 ribbon cable to connect it to the COM port header pins on the motherboard. This link has more info if needed. But the easiest and quickest way to get a console is to use a PCI-e 1x extension cable (source one from Ebay) and simply connect it to a regular low power video card, along with using a usb keyboard of course. Also, if you plan to use the IDE port with a DOM module for booting, make sure you use Trantor's updated synoboot file that enables the PATA_LEGACY module needed for that server. Good Luck
  8. @saires The PATA port works fine with this build, but you have to replace the synoboot file within the repack v1.0 with Trantor's current version.
  9. Running Trantor's build 4.3 3810 Update 2, the output from my system is ss4200> df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/md0 2.3G 480.1M 1.8G 21% / /dev/md0 2.3G 480.1M 1.8G 21% /proc/bus/pci /tmp 1003.3M 328.0K 1003.0M 0% /tmp /dev/md2 1.8T 334.2M 1.8T 0% /volume1 ss4200>
  10. The steps are exactly the same, except instead of the USB drive for the synoboot image, I'm using an 8gb DOM in the PATA port, along with a minimum of two sata disks of course. My primary workstation is windows, so using an older computer I simply connected the IDE DOM to a controller and wrote the synoboot image with And most importantly use Trantor's latest version of that includes the pata_legacy module in the boot image. Write the image to the DOM, remove and place in the Intel ss4200, make sure the PATA hard drive is the first boot device in the bios (which should be default with this system anyway) and power it on, and you should be golden; many thanks to Trantor.
  11. Hey Trantor, Thanks for the update, the pata_legacy module works great and now I can use the full potential on that intel ss4200.
  12. Hi Trantor, can't thank you everyone enough for all of your hard work. I would love to be able to use my Intel SS4200-e NAS appliance with this, everything works just fine except the PATA port (which i really need to boot from) to keep my four sata ports available for data. It uses an Intel 945GZ chipset with the ICH7-R controller.. I tested this with Ubuntu 12.04 64bit iso and was able to install and boot off of the pata port as long as the "pata_legacy" module is available and loaded at boot. If I could get that pata_legacy.ko module included, that would be awesome. Thanks again.