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  1. I can confirm that this firmware works wonderfully with intel ss4200-e (AKA Fujitsu - Home Scaleo Server). Every feature works. USB HDD Bibernation. Just like synology box. Thanks DM500
  2. Do i have to match serial number with my mac address?
  3. Changing serial and mac number works but it resets the configuration looks like. It asks me to setup the box again. Like upload pat file again and reconfigure the box.
  4. ... sp=sharing Now usb devices are displayed as esata Everything works wonderful. Very big thank you. The only request i have is that is there anyway you can show me how to change/edit mac address and serial number of the box? I tried hex editor but never worked. Thanks DM
  5. Is there a way that someone can post a step by step how to for changing the MAC address and serialize the unit. Currently i have 2 HP n40l units running in the same subnet and its a big problem, because they have same MAC address.. Thanks Nemo