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  1. Oh, I don't know, never tried audio station. Didn't interest me, too many things I was like "wait it doesn't have that?" I used to have a subsonic server and got addicted to all of the things you can do with it. But they wanted $. Ampache one ups subsonic - does a democractic playlist which was at the top of my list. Found a great iOS player, too (AVSub)
  2. Ended up going the docker route (and just skipping the Owncloud bits) and it's working fantastically. Wow, docker really opens up a ton more app functionality - a whole new world! Very cool. Thanks for the tip. Ampache running flawlessly and I have access to my music collection again! yee haw
  3. FWIW - I just did this exact same upgrade to my n54l (to 5.2-5967) and didn't have any ill effects. I mean, who can be for certain but at least it worked for me. I think you have the steps right, didn't notice anything off. 5.2 is cool - I've discovered docker and it's opened up a whole new world of apps and functionality. Also installed a pair of SSD cache drives and that's made my transfer rates much more consistent. Good luck!
  4. Interesting. Found this guide I might look for a more direct method since people seem to have been able to get it going minus the owncloud and docker overhead. But it makes for a good fall back plan - thanks for the info!
  5. There are reports of people getting an Ampache music server to work with their Synology. Seems to be editing some config files so that the proper folders are shared on the internet. There's seemingly no package for it (although there are hints at attempts in a couple of places), but apparently possible to manually install. Has anyone done this to where they could help walk me through a step by step? I'd love to get this going. Seems like just what I've been after for mobile access to my music library. Thank you!
  6. I've got 4.3 running successfully on a dell sc1430. I had to disable hard drive spin down to avoid a repeatable volume crash, but that was the only glitch I came across. I also have 4.3 running on an old Tyan s5372 4 bay 1U rack mount server. Works great, no flaws as far as I can tell. Rock solid!
  7. Ah - looks like there's a pretty simple mod with a nexus doubletwin that can jam a pair of 3.5" drives into the ODD. I'll be doing that!
  8. I know it's usually taboo to mix hard drives in a RAID array, but it seems like SHR (and even possibly RAID 5) might be forgiving enough to give it a try? I'd love to put 2x2TB WD Red 2.5" drives in the ODD w/a dual tray, one connected on the n54l's eSata port - and then 4x2TB WD Red 3.5" drives in the trays. Is this a terrible idea to mix 2.5" and 3.5" drives? I think they are both up for NAS duty, so really it's a question of how the mixed drives would perform when I'm loading them up? Is SHR-2 with single drive parity a reasonable idea for this setup (I could use the extra space)? What
  9. I've got my tr4m+bnc mounted to my n54l with this Esata to USB3 port multiplier adapter: ... UTF8&psc=1 now just trying to figure out the best way to use it as a backup since it's mounting as JBOD. But that little dongle adapter was a big step forward.
  10. to update, I've got my tr4m+bnc now attached to my n54l through this usb3/esata adapter that supports port mulitplication. ... UTF8&psc=1 The drives show up individually as usb devices but they don't present themselves to the storage manager, perhaps because they are external? I'll have to play around with it and see if I can find a config that will work for backup purposes. If I can't get a way to span the drives into 1 volume, maybe I can configure the backups to simply go to the next one as one fills up - not sure if there is some sort
  11. That's not a terrible idea. I take it the n54L doesn't have anything proprietary as far as the form factor and is standard mini-ITX? My only concern is I'd probably have to add a pci-x sata controller to accommodate all the drives, and then I'm not quite sure where I'd put the 10gigE card that I'd need to support the throughput to the switch. Hmmm... Are there any vetted motherboards out there any of you have seen in use with Synology that have all of the functions (RAID controller, etc) supported? I know there are drivers being added in and things like that, just wondering if there's
  12. Hey all - I love my little n54l and am just wondering if there's a comparable option with more bays? Something solid in like an 8 or 12 bay form factor or something up around there? Just curious if anything has come across anything, not seeing anything larger scale jumping out at me with a couple of cursory searches of the archives here.
  13. The bios and hardware will support a port multiplier on the eSata but the DSM does not. Synology is blocking us on that one. I am trying to get the same thing running and I'm going to try a USB to esata adapter ($30 on amazon?) that supports port multiplication and I'll see if that will bootleg support for my 4 bay esata enclosure with xpenology and let it see all 4 drives. Will report back in a week or 2, haven't had time to mess with it yet.
  14. yes this would be amazing to get working - I have an n54l using DSM 5 and I'm trying to get a good attached backup system going. That tr4m+bnc is a perfect match if we could get it working in xpenology.
  15. I'm also hot after getting xpenology to work with a port multiplied enclosure. I have an n54l and a sans digital tr4m+bnc w/same drives, same size - they would make a great pair (sans digital for attached backups) but the synology code seems to be shutting me out of what otherwise would be perfect combo. Hopefully someone can figure out some sort of mod to get this working at some point.