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  1. Hi Folks! Huge fan of Synology and Xpenology and have been for years. In my more recent build, I have noticed that due to some limitations (?) of Synology I am not getting the full use of my hardware. Specifically: We are limited to 8 CPU cores, when we have 12 in total available (+ hyperthreading, resulting in 24 threads) 2 x Intel XEON E5 2430L V2 Does anyone know a way to resolve this or if there is some little config file somewhere I need to modify? :) Thanks, MrTPN
  2. Hey Folks - We have made some great progress with our install and stuck on the very last step. Our Disktation installs successfully, reboots and comes back up again - after a few minutes the interface refreshes and says "Starting Services" in the assistant, if you browse to the web interface it states "System is getting ready" and simply sits there.... After a good 30 minutes nothing happens and it doesn't seem to move past this stage. We have Juns 1.02b boot loader and the DSM_DS3615xs_15152.pat file for the installation as per the guide. Hardware Setup:
  3. Never mind - Found my answer thanks to google viewtopic.php?p=21475#p21475
  4. Hey Folks, We have built a 20 Bay storage system which we are playing with Xpenology on, seems we have hit the theoretical limit of 12 disks. Once we added disk number 13 in (Unlucky?) it simply isn't recognised. Now i understand that the unit xpengology is built off only supports 12 total, however has anyone exceeded this? If so, is there any guidance, support or tips? (A quick forum search didn't turn up much help for me ). Thanks, MrTPN
  5. Hi Folks, Just to let you know that we fixed this in the end We were running the P20 Firmware ( on the HBA, we had to upgrade this to the latest official LSI firmware for the card P20 ( After this everything came up just fine, disks are all in a normal state...and as i type this its in the process of building the first volume. Thanks & Hope this helps someone else. MrTPN
  6. Hey Folks, Just building our new storage system and having a few teething issues i hope i can secure some help with. We have a set of 3 x 2TB WD Red Drives hooked up to a Dell H200 which has been cross flashed back to an LSI 9211-8i. The drives show up just fine in the BIOS and in any live CD we throw on there. However when sinology installs (which goes just fine), it logs in and immediately i get "Volume has Crashed". When trying to then create my first volume it kicks off, then by one each drive flags up as "System Partition Failed". I assume this is somet
  7. Hey jgaltone! I was equally as confused when i tried firing up my first bare-metal version of Xpenology. In short, my understanding is you only need to go in editing the syslinux.cfg if you are doing an upgrade. When building my pen drive, i ignored that step and it booted, installed and ran just fine! I could be totally wrong, i am equally as new to this as you....but thought i would share my findings so far Hope that helps! MrTPN
  8. Hi Folks! I currently have a few Synology boxes between home and work, and i think we can all agree these are fantastic units. However, after a few years i am starting to outgrow my current enclosure at home. My requirements have also changed and i need something with a little more "oomph" to it in order to run things like docker. Now, unlike my company i don't have a budget of a few thousand dollars to go out and pickup some of Synologys Enterprise grade gear, so wanted to try building something myself as a project and if it works....great! If not, i am sure there will be other solut