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  1. Hi everyone. Does anybody here has some trick to add node licenses (virtual machine manager) to the xpenology? The limitation of only one node drive me nuts... Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey pal, how are you? I have a solution, in wich you will not loose your files. First of all, make shure you have some available space, at least 10GB. 1- Log-in into your diskstation trhough SSH, with username admin and your password 2- Edit the file /etc.defaults/VERSION (on the line minorversion, change to a number inferior to the version who is installed on your diskstation, and save the file) 3- Reboot the diskstation and on the menu where you select the type of the boot (normal, debug and update) select update 4- Find your diskstation on the network (you can do this with the webpage (another way is to access your modem/router and locate the DHCP clients list) 5- Access the webpage of your diskstation (this was in the restore/update mode) and advance on the options 6- On the page where you can choose 2 options (update diskstation and keep my configs and files / update diskstation and keep my files) choose the second option to only keep your files alive 7- Inform the .pat version that corresponding with the boot pendrive and that's all This procedure will reset the operational system but will KEEP all your precious files. Stay free to make questions. sbromulo - Brazil