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  1. I will check the bios and I hope it is a setting there. I will update the post
  2. My motherboard is relatively new, it's the Biostar N3150, so I don't think it's a battery issue. Also I have never had any issues booting linux without monitor.
  3. I have a xpenology NAS and it was working flawlessly for many months. The last month every time I try to restart it, it dos not restarts. If I connect the monitor and keyboard it restarts. I upgrate to latest dsm 5.2-5967.1 and I can not login to Synology account to setup quickconnect. I updated syslinux with serial and mac I found on excel mod file but still nothing. Am I doing anything wrong?
  4. I'm trying to upgrade my xpenology from old thinkpad T61 to new Biostar N3150NH but it is imposible to boot. Any ideas or know incompatibility of Biostar mobo?
  5. Thanks guys! I finally modified syslinux.cfg and setup Quick connect ID. I tried Cloud Station but I don't like it at all. For 30 gigs of data to sync, it used 90 gigs on volum and another 30 gigs on my pc (plus the 30 gigs of the data). I'm using DS file for remote access from Android and Sync Me app to one way sync photos/videos from the phone to NAS
  6. Hello guys, since we don't have QuickConnect ID, how can we setup Cloud Station, Cloud Sync and other packages on xpenology? Also, the last 5 days my xpenology changed 3 times ip address. Is there a way to have always the same ip address?
  7. Thanks for your input! Personally, I wouldn't compare G3258 with J1800. G3258 is a real monster next to the J1800. In passmark benchmark, G3258 is scoring around 4000 while J1800 is scoring around 1000. However, for a NAS with just 2 Hdd I am considering the J1800 (or J1900 / A4-5000 I have mentioned before) and 2GB Ram. Anything more powerfull I believe will be an overkill. As for the case, you can consider U-NAS if it fits your budget
  8. I've tried all three ports. Before xpenology I had freenas on the same laptop and it was working, thats why I believe it's not a hardware issue.
  9. Thanks! Mine shuts down normally but it doesn't start, either if it is after a shut down or a reboot. When I check in bios, the usb is not in the bootable options. I have to create another bootable usb each time, on a different usb stick. Also, when the system is eventually started, I can see the bootable usb as "usbshare2". I can also map it to my windows pc.
  10. Hello! I have xpenology installed on an old Toshiba laptop, with core 2 duo T7200 and intel express chipset 945gm. The problem is that I can not reboot the system. Each time I want to reboot or shut down and start again, I have to made a new xpenoboot usb. It 'sees' it in the bios and boot from it, but if I reboot again the usb is not 'seen'. I'm looking for a solution...
  11. That's great! Have you checked load and idle power consumption?
  12. Thanks for your reply! I am really afraid if the user experience with the J1800 will be acceptable. I also found a couple of threats that user have either problem with usb 3.0 or performance wise issues. I am sure that with just 10-12 euro more, I will be more satisfied with either ASRock QC5000M or ASRock Q1900M, both mATX.
  13. Hello! This is my first post here! I am going to build my first NEW xpenology box and I'm looking to buy a cheap, low power board. I am between ASUS J1800I-A mITX and ASRock D1800M MATX that are priced at 50 euro each. Do you have any experience with these two boards? I know that ASRock Q1900-ITX it's fully comatible but I don't need the 2 extra sata ports, it's also 30 euro more expensive. I have already tested xpenology on old laptop and desktop pc, but since it's going to be on 24/7 I want to build something with brand new parts.