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  1. [1000:0097] is correct, just found it. Great to know, that it will work. Thank you again
  2. with this line: support_syno_hybrid_raid = "yes" above supportphoto="yes" ? Cool! Thanks for this supercool hint! Thank you for that video, I will definitely give it a try not a problem 24 would be enough, I will just leave the rear backplane unattached! Is there still this limitation that it would not work if all HDDs are attached to a SAS Controller? Last time I tried one HDD had to be attached to the onboard sata controller. Does this contain anything you would would need? (It is an older card and the backplane its th
  3. Thank you, I would really like to do that, but I think I am kind of too stupid for that. Especially I would like to make use of SHR, which the 3615xs and 3617xs cant I would really like to experiment a little, because I have two nvme devices here (not m.2, but PCI-E) and a Arago SAS3 controller + a 36 bay 4u chassis, but I wasn't able to make the changes in the config work for more than the drives that the 1.04b loader came with... Will keep an eye on the release of the 0.8 extra.lzma, if I have an hour or two to tinker around
  4. @flyride Thank you very much! Using the 1.03b loader for the 3615xs worked out of the box. The system is up and running since yesterday! I would never have tried the 3615xs I guess, so again: Thank you!!!
  5. Thank you very much, I set the BIOS to legacy already and the strange thing is that it connects with clean formatted HHDs and I can start the installation process... Just afterwards it is no longer responding and is no longer found via find.synology or the tool. Could that be because of the "wrong" type of onboard nics? I have read something of kernel panic if you don't have a Intel e1000e NIC or extra.lzma Therefore I bought a Intel PRO/1000 PT Server Adapter (EXPI9400PTBLK) but that didn't change a thing. I will try the DS3615xs installation instead... Thank you again
  6. Preferred Intel X520-DA2 as I have some spare and I know they are running out of the box with the DS3617xs (as I have a real one) But the type of 10GBe adapter won't solve my question, because I have tried with and without the 10GBe, no luck
  7. Hello there, I am clueless on how to fix my problem. I have the following hardware: Supermicro X10SRi-F, Intel E5-1620v3, 64GB DDR4 https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/X10SRi-F using v1.04b is working like a charm. As I would like to use 10GBe networking I was trying to use loader v1.03b (DS3617xs) When using cleared HDDs I am able to complete the installation process, but the system doesn't come online afterwards. Does anybody have an idea why and how to fix it? Can I somehow provide logs? Kind regard
  8. same problem here See my previous post. Sorry for not providing the necessary information: Hardware: Intel® Atom processor C2750, SoC, FCBGA 1283, 20W 8-Core Install Type: Baremetal NIC Model: C2000 SoC I354 Quad GbE controllers Storage: LSI 9211 8i Issue: perhaps Network My network card doesn't seem to be recognized. The driver is not in the supported drivers list. Can this be a problem? As far as I know Synology uses the same NICs with their RS2416+/RS2416RP+ series (Intel Atom C2538) Another issue is: I am not able to enter the config tool like Elpee described
  9. Hiromatsu

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Looks like I found my issue. My machines has C2000 SoC I354 Quad GbE NIC controllers & LSI SAS 9211-8i. [...] A new loader with included drivers will be out in the coming days. Stay tuned. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk Sorry to ask, but is there an approximate ETA on this new loader with the included drivers for the i354?
  10. Hiromatsu

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Was someone here sucessful with a Atom C2750 / C2550 MB? I tried to setup a baremetal system on my Supermicro A1SAM and system "seems" to boot correctly. Display shows "Kernel booting" and my router gives out dhcp leases to both of the pluged in ethernet ports. I am not able to connect via IP Adress:5000 Neither does http://find.synology.com/ show any system, nor does the desktop app shows a system. PID/VID is changed and the same usb drive boots my Asrock QC5000-ITX just fine. Suggestions?
  11. Thank you very much @Trantor Sorry for not telling right away what kind of newbie I am: So I browsed for the rc.local file, but there isn't any Can I just create one? Or do I have to follow a special procedure? something like (I googled this but it is made for Fedora) su - (root password) touch /etc/rc.local chmod +x /etc/rc.local (add the insmod) systemctl enable rc-local.service And what content does the rc.local need to have? Is it sufficient to just have: #!/bin/sh # Copyright © 2000-2014 Synology Inc. All rights reserved. insmod /lib/modules/m
  12. Hello everyone, I am struggling with a proplem. In the /lib/modules/ folders there is a mpt3sas.ko This is the driver file for my HBA (LSI 9300 8i) I can SSH into my box and load it manually via: insmod /lib/modules/mpt3sas.ko But apparantly I am too stupid to find a way to automatically load the ko file during the boot up sequence. Can anybody help? If its important: I am running my box on ESXi 6.0 with the controller passed through.