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  1. Will be fixed in next Trantor's build. I forgot patch that. You can replace synobios.ko with this file: http://k3dt.eu/synobios-patched3.ko
  2. Of course Need to test /add some SCSI drivers (from drivers request topic) first and I will post new repack.
  3. Here it is: http://k3dt.eu/synobios-patched2.ko can you upload 3810 pat + boot img? THX
  4. Dead? no. I'm running 4.3 files I provided with smallupdates applied. 20 users, 10TB of data, 5 IP cameras, Plex server, all works fine. It CAN be usable. But still waiting for VeNoM's release.
  5. viewtopic.php?p=7033#p7033 ><'
  6. http://xpenology.trantor.be/unstable_4.3.7z http://k3dt.eu/devices-append mount with: mount -t ext2 -o loop,offset=32256 synoboot-4.3-test.img /mnt/ replace zImage with http://xpenology.trantor.be/zImage-4.3b unmount boot.
  7. Its easy. Install Trantor's 4.3 test build (with newer bzImage), then login into ssh and copy /proc/bus/pci into for example /root/pci and append content of my file /root/pci/devices-append to your /root/pci/devices. Then edit /etc/rc and insert mount --rbind /root/pci/ /proc/bus/pci/ after "export HOME PATH". Reboot and it should work.
  8. Here is my working 4.3 virtual with 'mount --rbind' pci-devices fix. Only for testing, but seems everything is working. For production please wait for neXus's /VeNoM's version. Based on Trantor's 4.3 build. Files are updated to 3776-3, boot device isn't. VirtualBox required. Default login is admin/admin. https://mega.co.nz/#!ZtRTGR7K!anlF3ED9L ... gr1mn8I9zw (624.3 MB)
  9. Any idea how apply patch manually? tried dpkg -i *.deb but without success. edit: got it, nevermind.)
  10. Agree. But I'll use 4.3 in production New features are important for me. I will not have problem check updated packages if they are safe before upgrading.
  11. Yep.. it works too! No kernel module required. No modifications. Just mount edited directory(file). https://www.dropbox.com/s/iiln8gdp7gr6h ... .41.23.png
  12. Did someone test mount --rbind command? ( mount --rbind /tmp/pci/ /proc/bus/pci/ ) should do the same.
  13. Congratulations guys! IMO hooking was the best possible (and clean!) solution. Please give required files to Trantor so he can make test build. Can't wait
  14. Do not see any differences. Patching synobios in DSM<4.3 is same piracy as this.