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  1. I am sorry if I overreacted to your comment. I was having a bad day and I took your comment about using the search bar as the the equivalent of telling me to got RTM when perhaps that wasn't your intention. Before asking my questions in this thread I had spent several hours reading through hundreds of posts in Jun's seemingly never ending thread. I thought that it would serve the community better if the information specific to using Xpenology on the Dell R710 was consolidated into a single place that users could come to so they don't have to spend hours trying to pull the information from literally hundreds of comments that are not specifically relevant to them.
  2. Ugh...Jun's thread regarding his loader for DSM v6.x is up to 3,696 replies. I am about to try and get DSM v6.x to work on one of our Dell R710's as a virtual machine running in ESXi. Can someone that has done this successfully (please provide links) to the exact installer or disk image you installed? If you used one of Jun's disk images can you please be very specific as to which one. Can you also please share what updates you have been able to install after you got the initial installation up and running? I see that the latest version of ESXi is no longer compatible with the Dell R710. It would also be great if you could tell us what version of firmware you are running on your R710 an which version of ESXi you have installed. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, DSM 5.2 seems to work with our Dell R710 without any issues.
  4. I have not attempted to upgrade to DSM 6 yet. I will try to give it a try soon and I will let you know if I have any luck. Are you running DSM 6 on bare metal or virtualization? I am currently running DSM 5.2 on bare metal but I would like to move to VMWare ESXi when I upgrade to version 6. Sorry, I have not kept up what's new...what does "jun's mod" mean? Can you please provide a link? Regarding the RAID settings. I am letting the Dell H700 raid controller handle the raid and I just let the Synology treat it as a single drive. I did this for performance reasons...but I did not do any direct comparison to see if it is actually faster. (Our Xpenology is being used to create a redundant backup our genuine Synology.) I had read somewhere that it was not a good idea to use multiple individual virtual disks and then combine them into a raid using other software. (Sorry, I can't find the original source where I read this but I think it was in the FreeNAS forums.)
  5. Thanks, I will take a look at that other thread and see if I can get it figured out.
  6. I have a computer with two LSI raid controllers. Is it possible to tell XPEnology to ignore one them?
  7. Being primarily a Mac user I had no experience with this boot mode.
  8. Thanks very much sbv3000. I assume you meant booting to "PXE" mode. This resolved the problem.
  9. I am also not sure if my raid controller is supported. I was told in this thread (Can I use a Dell R710 PowerEdge server to run XPEnology?) that it was an LSI controller and that it should work. I have not tried iDRAC but I will give it a try. I am just trying to test EXPEnology running on vSphere ESXi. I tried several different methods of making the Xpenology boot drive. I originally used Win32 Disk Imager. I also tried unetbootin and tried to manually make one via terminal commands. I also tried two different version of Xpenology (5.1-5055.1.img, 5.2-5644.4.img).
  10. I can boot to a flash drive running other OS's without any issues (Linux Mint, ESXi, etc.).
  11. Hardware: Dual Xeon X5560 2.8GHZ Quad Core Processors 32GB RAM Dell Perc 6/i LSI Raid Controller 4 Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709c Gigabit Ethernet NIC
  12. Did you ever resolve your boot error? I am also having the same problem.
  13. I am new to xpenology and I am trying to get my first install up and running on a Dell R710 server. I am attempting to use this version: XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.4.img I was able to get the DSM up and running inside of Virtual Box (using the ISO file) and I successfully created a volume that I could access from computers on our LAN but I could not write any data to it. It acted like it was writing files to the volume (I could see transfer rates) but it never actually copied a file that was readable and it kept stopping as it was trying to write to the volume. I was also unable install any application packages. So I decided to bypass virtualization and boot directly to a flash drive but my computer keeps telling me that my flash drive is not a valid boot device. I have attempted to create a bootable flash drive from both a Mac and Windows but neither of them worked as a valid boot. I have watched several YouTube videos that explained how to install xpenology. None of them mentioned the step of editing the syslinux.cfg file as explained here: http://xpenology.me/how-to-update-boot-loader/ Can someone please explain if the editing of the syslinux.cfg is required to get the DSM to work properly? Any help with making a bootable flash drive would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Sorry, I do not understand which version of the software you are referring to. Can you please tell me which version of the software is stable and recommended? I also have a Dell H700 Raid Controller. This is faster than the Perc 6i and I was hoping to use it when I re-purpose the server for XPEnology. Do you know if this is also based on an LSI controller and compatible with XPEnology? Thanks.
  15. Unfortunately the computer is currently in production. I would like to repurpose it as a remote redundant Synology backup server and use it to sync with a couple of genuine Synology Rack Stations that we already own.
  16. I have a Dell R710 PowerEdge Server with the following: • Perc 6i Raid Controller • Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709c Gigabit Ethernet I do not see the raid card or NIC on the compatibility list. Can anyone recommend a raid card and network option that would work in this computer? I am hoping that I can get this server working with XPEnology without having to spend $400+ on additional hardware. Thanks.
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