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  1. just an update ... i'd forgotten to mention the above T30 issue was under DS3617sx. once i'd upgraded (sidegraded?) to DS918+, no issue running linux via VMM. weird? dhrr2
  2. i'm running 6.2 (baremetal) on the dell T30. i've installed virtual machine manager (vmm) and am able to create the VM. but whenever i boot up and try in run/install linux, keep getting "kernel panic" and "synching errors". same errors whether it's ubuntu or debian or mint. i've no issues running windows 10 pro though. any ideas? much appreciated. dh22r
  3. dh22r

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    i'd been using the asrock q1900 motherboard on 6.1 (baremetal) for about a year. earlier this week i upgraded to 6.2 with the 1.03b loader (after doing a hyper backup to an external drive). i also expanded my SHR pool from four WD red 3TB to five. no issues thus far.
  4. Just want to add my two cents ... I just updated my Q1900 (DS3617xs) -- baremetal, Jun 1.03b loader -- from 6.1 to 6.2. The upgrade was smooth EXCEPT, on reboot, my network "Lan 1" disappeared. I know there's nothing wrong with the onboard NIC as I can access the DSM web GUI. Not having the "network interface" enabled, I couldn't download "Update 2" nor could I run my packages (ie. Plex, Download Station). Following the advise on this this thread, I deleted the ".xenpoboot" and on reboot, the "Lan 1" returned and everything is working OK now.
  5. dh22r

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    I've the Q1900DC-ITX ... just curious whether the J3455 has a reasonable or negligible benefit over the J1900.
  6. dh22r

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    RE: Sata power I want to add 2 or more drives to my current setup of 4x3TB (WD reds) using a syba 4-SATA PCIe adapter. Thus i need 2 or more sata power connectors. Would a sata power splitter cable work with the delivered power cables? Thanks. dh22r
  7. dh22r

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Sorry, I don't have a NUC nor Brix. If my J1900DC-ITX becomes too much of a bottleneck (ie. I need more SATA drives, beefier CPU) in my current build, I'll build another using an i3-6100T (35W TDP).
  8. dh22r

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Maybe someone had already thought or replied on this ... I'm on a Q1900DC-ITX running SHR with 4 x 3TB WD Reds. If i use an i3 NUC/Brix as a Plex server (referencing all the media on the DSM), then there wouldn't be any bottleneck/issues with transcoding @ 1080p/4K? This means the J1900 handles all the DSM stuff and the i3 handles just Plex transcoding. Any comments/guidance appreciated. DH
  9. dh22r

    Micro-ITX build advice

    No meaning to start any arguments, but for a SOHO NAS, how important is the hot-swap feature? Wouldn't a good mid-sized quiet tower case, with ample internal space for cooling, be a reasonable option vs some "cramped" NAS boxes with hot-swap capabilities?
  10. dh22r

    Micro-ITX build advice

    My chassis is a Fractal Node 304 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6811352027). Hold 6 3.5/2.5 disks with 2 92mm front and 140mm rear fans.
  11. This NAS is pretty low-powered ... maybe I'll just leave it running 24/7. I'm nervous about downgrading to an older DSM update. Thanks all the same.
  12. No I hadn't ... is it a hard requirement?
  13. Hello all. Build: Q1900DC-ITX Version: DSM 5.2-5967 Update 1 For some reason, under "Hardware & Power" >> "Power Recovery", I don't see the "Enable WOL on LAN 1" ... options. I checked the UEFI and confirmed WOL (aka PCI DevicePower On) is enabled. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. DH
  14. dh22r

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3 safe?

    Updated on my Asus VivoPC/VM-42 no problemo.
  15. dh22r

    Xpenology on Asus VivoPC

    i don't know ... mine is connected with an ethernet cable ... file transfer via wifi to and from the unit would be pretty slow.