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  1. The 'old' disks are created with scsi paravirtual driver. Doesn't the 4.3 VM support scsi paravirtual? If so will it work with LSA Logic as driver?
  2. I am currently running DSM 4.2-3202 with 3 disks (full disk VMDK) in ESXi 5.1. How would I go about upgrading to the 4.3 version in this link viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1737?
  3. the question is not a matter what is moer light or not because system resources are not an issue. I was just wondering if someone knows whether xpenolgy DSM works better with VirtualBox or with ESXi? Also support for more drivers etc. is interesting to know. Ultimately the new system will have to run on a Asrock B75-Pro3-M with Core i5 3470T and 8 GB of RAM.
  4. Hello, I'm in the proces of setting up XPEnology as a virtual machine. What free virtualisation works best with XPEnology builds? and what are the pros and cons?
  5. Does anyone know what MAC address to use for installation in a Proxmox VM? I managed to install 3612XS DSM 4.1 build 2668++ using the information in this link viewtopic.php?f=2&t=733&p=3859&hilit=proxmox#p3859