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  1. Thanks! And to confirm, this is the right pat file? The DS3617? I ask because the filename is much different than the one I used last night and want to make sure I don't screw anything up
  2. Nevermind my last comment, I got it up and running using the base 6.1.7...thanks for the clear instructions. I did have one follow up question: Can I do this within DSM (by clicking on "Manual DSM Update") Or do I have to reflash the usb?
  3. I'm about to pull the trigger on this upgrade and had a few sanity check questions before I do so: Does it matter which DS version I choose (e.g. 3615, 3617, 916+, etc) The deep link to the dsm in the original post is dead, which version of 6.1.7 is the correct on the use? -4? or the first rev? My NAS has 4 NIC (ethernet ports), and the first one is faulty. I currently use what I believe is the second one. Is my best bet to setup all 4 in the grub.cfg? Thanks!
  4. I have 6 disks...of varying sizes, but mostly in the 2-3TB range each. I unfortunately don't have another NIC lying around. I'm not sure I follow the rest of what you mentioned. Are you essentially suggesting: Remove all the drives Create a separate boot disk with 6.2 (on a new usb) See if the problem repeats? If it doesn't repeat, I still have the challenge of backing up my data before upgrading right? I'm a little nervous about upgrading without performing a backup first. Also, if it doesn't repeat, does that mean it's
  5. I'm on DSM 5.2-5644 and recently I can't maintain a network connection for a sustained period of time (say more than 20 mins). I'd like to upgrade, but first I want to backup my data (which all seems fine). The system doesn't reboot, but rather it appears that the connection gets reset. I can't seem to find anything relevant in the logs and it's really unclear to me what's going on. I'd love any pointers/suggestions on where to look. I'm pulling my hair out at this point as I'm not sure what's going on. Some things I've tried: I've checked the
  6. I'm stuck and would love some suggestions as I've run out of ideas I'm currently running 5.2-5644 and I can't get the DSM web UI to stay responsive. Essentially I reboot the NAS, and everything works as expected, I can log into the UI, perform actions, etc...then like clockwork about 5-10 minutes later, the UI is no longer responsive and when I reload the page I get a "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" error. Some additional info: Synology Assistant can still locate it, and says it is "Ready" I can directly log into it (when I attached a keyboard and monitor).
  7. My NAS device suddenly stopped working (I accessed it sometime last week without issue) and the synology assistant can't find it. I tracked down the IP and the motherboard OS is accessible, but not the Xplenology one. Meaning if I ssh into it, I need to use the motherboard credentials and I get a very limited set of functionality, and the web UI is the motherboard as well (supermicro). The bootloader seems to be fine, so do I try and reinstall Xplenology? Are there other things I can try first (or should debug first)? I believe I was running Xplenology 5.2
  8. Thanks @snoopy78 That was gonna be my follow up question, if I have a stable version, and don't need to always be on bleeding edge, then most of the risks are mitigated, right? Also, if I use standard raid to setup my NAS, can I switch between Xplenology and say FreeNAS down the road? Assuming that I boot off a USB?
  9. Got it...thanks for the advice!
  10. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I didn't find much on this question in this forum, and google mostly has how-tos. I have an old DS-211j device that needs and upgrade and I'm thinking about getting an HP Microserver (which one is a separate issue...I'm a hardware noob, so would love help in that area as well) and running Xplenology on it. My main question is if there are any limitations or gotchas of running Xplenogy? Does everything work as it would on an actual synology device (including surveillance station), etc? Or are there known issues? So far the main issues that I'