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  1. Hi together, i have some Problems with my xpenology Installation. I tried the newest Version from here. All Installation are done and without Problems. I configure some addons etc. All works, but often if i copy a large file (between 2 - 5 GB) my nas stop working. I am not able to ping. All what i can do, ist reset the pc. I had the same Problem with a older Version and other pc. So it is a configuration ? I have no ideas but if it work by design, i must look for other solution. But i will use the xpenology. I hope i get some answer and sorry for my english Greets
  2. Hi together, i want to install the newest XPEnology on this device : ... -guide.pdf There is 2 GB NVRAM FlashDrive inside. Booting with USB Stick is no problem, if is start the synologic assistent and want to install the system on my device, i get the error by formating disk at 8 % Is it possible that the issue is by the flashram ? In BIOS it located as SATA 2 GB Partition. Before i had windows xp embedded on this device. Thanks for your help Regards Thorsten