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  1. I have an issue where no backups via HyperBackup at a scheduled time, If I click Backup Now the task completes with no error, it just wont start on its own... For example I scheduled one for 12:15 in HyperBackup and in system log no error is displayed and it still has the green tick but just displays the next backup schedule time. (Skips the backup) I have done alot of searching and found in the root of the system under /var/log/synoscheduler.log below is an entry from my failed task. I have tried deleting all backup tasks, backing up to another location. Also tried just backing a single folder with a txt file in it, nothing seams to work. Please help. /var/log/synoscheduler.log 2017-10-07T12:15:02+01:00 NAS synoschedtask: sched_task_db.c:111 Exec sql:[CREATE TABLE if not exists task_status(status_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY ASC, pid INTEGER, timestamp INTEGER, app STRING, task_id INTEGER, status_code INTEGER, comment STRING, stop_time INTEGER);] error: file is encrypted or is not a database 2017-10-07T12:15:02+01:00 NAS synoschedtask: sched_task_run.c:386 Init sqlite failed. [0x0000 (null):0] I also find this error in /var/log/messages.log synoscgi_SYNO.Entry.Request_1_request[25632]: APIRunner.cpp:309 WebAPI SYNO.Backup.Task is not valid
  2. jasonhill1

    Working DSM 6

    Has any one got dsm 6 working with bare metal not a vitrual machine ? Also what part did you change to add more drives as I would like 16 drives.
  3. jasonhill1

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3 safe?

    I updated on my working machine not VM with no issues and all is working well.
  4. jasonhill1

    Awesome new Beta 6 features

    All sound great, Also think they are moving to 64bit to support more ram and should be quicker I've been waiting for multiple certificates support for hosting several different hostnames. Let hope it's an easy upgrade from 5.2
  5. jasonhill1

    Upgrade to 5.2 lost volume

    I had the same issue with certain versions, the only version which seam to work for me is DSM_DS3615xs_5592.pat http://xpenology.me/downloads/ And dont update to 5644 as I think there is an issue with that version.