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  1. Hi viumden, May I ask what is your configuration? I am using HP Gen8 + ESXi 6.0 U1 + 4 TB * 4 with RDM. ACHI is used instead of the onboard RAID. When I map the 4 HDD to XPEnology, the VM cannot start up and return the error about the RDM file cannot be locked. Thanks
  2. jackycct

    How to restore volume

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to restore the volume information? The volume is a RAID 10 created with XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.img with DSM_DS3615xs_5644.pat. After I upgraded to the latest DSM from synology it went booting loop. I tried to recover by resinstalling the DSM 5644 using "Clean installation: keep my files only" but then my volume does not show up in DSM anymore. I can still login through commandline. Any help or advice will be appreciate. Many Thanks Jacky