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  1. Does the 5.2 loader and Jun's Loader has the similar drivers ?

    No it doesn't. In fact, there are a lot less drivers in Jun's loader. Quicknick's loader (which is currently unavailable) is said to contain all the drivers the 5.2 version had. But unfortunately it's about two months now waiting for it without a proper release.

  2. i try a update in my dell t20. the machine is booting but when i go to the page for migrate then there is only a text wich say hdd 5 and 6 have error and sata ports are disabled. i can´t click the button for migrate. What i´m doing wrong ? I set vid and pid in grub cfg also sataportmap to 4

    Maybe there are more than one controllers on board?

    You could try setting sataportmap to 44.

  3. It has been almost two weeks now, since the v1.01 of Jun's loader.

    Does anyone know if there will be any new release and what to expect?

    Is anyone working on integrating the drivers of trantor's loader?

  4. To everyone wanting to migrate to DSM 6:

    The Jun loader contains only part of the drivers of trantor's loader. So, part of your hardware might not be recognized. So far, there is no compatibility page, so I guess one should be made as soon as possible.

    I don't know if the missing drivers is something that can be solved in a new version of Jun's loader, so all such problems will be solved.

  5. It was supposed that the drivers of older loader are integrated, but sil3112 isn't working anymore.

    My motherboard's onboard controller isn't working either (VIA VT8237A).

    They were both working on Xpenology 5.2.

    The only adapter working now is sil3132. :cry:

  6. I can't really tell when the problem first started, but I am sure that when I first installed XPEnology about one and a half years ago I had download and upload speeds of 60 - 80 MB/s, using SMB, FTP etc

    Yesterday I realized that the download speed from my XPEnology machine (bare metal) is bottlenecked at 27 - 28 MB/sec, using SMB, FTP, Webdav (and I guess other protocols too!

    The upload speed is still ok though, reaching 60+ MB/sec!

    The network card is recognized as gigabit!

    I managed to replicate the problem with my laptop, my PC and direct copy to another DS 214 I own, so the problem seems to be on the XPEnology machine.

    The upload / download speed from my DS 214, which lies on the same network, right next to my XPEnology machine, was 60+ MB/s, so it's not a network problem either.

    There are no network quotas - limits on my DSM settings.

    I am going crazy!

  7. The SMART check is never enough. The SMART values are mostly estimates and it's often that they won't show the real problem.

    Maybe there are bad sectors.

    Move your data to another volume and create a single disk volume using the crashed drive and accepting the hard disk check during initialization of the volume.

    If there are indeed problems with the hard disk the initialization will fail.

    Try it multiple times until the hard disk detects the faults and attempts to repair itself.

    If is is successful, the bad blocks will be mapped and after several attempts the hard disk will work.

    If not, then... you just got yourself a faulty hard disk!

    Whatever the result, if you start receiving notifications of hard disk crashes you should start thinking about replacing it soon.

  8. In general...

    create a USB flash with the latest XPEnoboot image. Remember to modify the syslinux.cfg if you have already modified it with the running version on you system.

    Boot from it and select install/upgrade from the menu.

    As soon as the boot finishes, use Synology Assistant or enter the web ui and choose to migrate settings.

    Set the update file manually (the latest .PAT file can be downloaded from XPEnology).


    There is a guide here which covers every detail.


  9. Hi All, as the title suggests, what is the reason behind using a valid mac and serial?


    Does this enable features or allow features to work correctly? Or is there some other reason?


    Like already answered, it only affects some Synology features like DDNS and enables WOL. If you don't need them, just leave it.

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