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    5644 update 2 HA problem

    5592 update 4 HA is running in smooth, but 5592 cannot recognize 10GB lan card.
  2. raylaw89

    5644 update 2 HA problem

    Dear all, Any brother can help for HA problem, I try 5644.4 update 2 to install HA function. The result is better than 5644, the master and passive server also can reconize but the harddisk/system showed that no capacity can be used. Any instruction, I have missed. Please suggest or instruction to help me. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Ray
  3. raylaw89

    5644 update 2 HA problem

    Dears all, Tested HA DSM updated from 5592 to 5592 update 4 which include problem same as 5564. During the updating time the system be hanged, and restricted to reset the system. Which the symptom same as previous situatation such as recognise the hard disk with 0 byte capacity . Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot! Best regards, Ray
  4. raylaw89

    5644 update 2 HA problem

    Dears, The warning message in High Availability Manager shown as follows: First page Warning : A storage space on the active server has crashed. Second page warning: The HA cluster will fail to function due to the different sizes of memory. Please make the memory size of the two servers identical, or remove the SSD cache. And I confirm the 2 VM which is identical with the same harddisk size and driver. But after installation, the storage manager showed the volume with disk size and capacity with 0 Bytes. And when i remove ha cluster, volume and capacity which returned to normal again! !_! Anyone can help? Thanks a lot. Best regards, Ray
  5. raylaw89

    5644 update 2 HA problem

    Dear all, Anyone can help me? I installed 2 xpenology @each with 1 with 1GB passthrough and the other with 10GB passthrough(as heartbeat LAN). When I try to run with Heartbeat, the system will prompt me the ha cluster with different size such as I found that the volume 1 still exist but the system show the capacity with 0 byte. Further, 5592 is no problem for heartbeat, but 5592 not recognize 10GB LAN Card! Thanks a lot. Best regards, Raymond