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  1. Hi all, Would it be possible to install DSM4.2 on Netgear ReadyNAS 2100 (atom d510, 1Gb DDR2 RAM, 4x SATA slots with hotswap)?
  2. tomba_nzxt

    XPEnology - Virtualized vs Standalone

    This is old question in IT field ... virtual vs real ... I'd say it's really up to your environment. I have a real synology 712+ at home and a major PRO for me is the power consumption. It uses like 15W. Most PC hardware uses around 100W and in some cases even more (in my gaming PC, only VGA card needs around 275W). That can add up on your monthly bill. Other thing is availability. If it is virtual on a home machine that tends to be rebooted - the synology goes offline too. So at my home i'd go for a real BOX running xpenology on it. In my company that has existing VMWare platform that is based on 5 clustered hosts i'd go for VMWare image of xpenology because the platform is already there and anyway needs to be up 24/7 (and company pays the electrical bill). Ideal home platform would consist of mobo with dual core atom, 4Gb ram, and 2x or 4x 2Tb drives spinning at 5400 RPM. My synology ds712+ has 1Gb ram and singe core atom 1.8GHz. It is behind 50/5mbit line. I use pptp vpn, download station, file server, media server, video station, ... CPU hits 100% only when i add new pics to photo station (because they are 12mpix, roughly 6Mb average in size). Video station streams flawlessly without any hickups, while my downloads run in background. So my normal scenario consists of my son watching movies at PS3 over syno media server(LAN), my download station downloading torrents(WAN), my wife watching tv show over cifs share(LAN), my friend downloading my stuff over file station(LAN) and me watching a movie over video station(WAN). My 1.8Ghz cpu is at 7% and memory usage is at 21% ... so i think having a strong cpu like i3/i5/i7 is waste of money and a massive overkill (for home users, not ones that will put syno in gigabit LAN enviroment with >50 users accessing it). Also one thing i noticed is people wanting to use SSD for OS. People - it is not a gaming machine that needs to load BF3 map within seconds. Any 5400/7200rpm sata HDD will do. My first synology ds107 is today up and running with 250Gb samsung sata2 drive. It is running 24/7 without hibernation or standby and it works like a charm.