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  1. Running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 11 on baremetal AMD. Just got there from 5.2, upgraded with Jun loader 1.01 and the included .pat. Then download syno offered u11 in control panel. Network card disconnected and did not come back in 10 minutes, disk stopped crunching after some minutes already so pushed reset. After a bit more time then usual the network was up and the system is running. There was an "Unexpected shutdown" in the log so the system was alive at reset.
  2. Hi, I am running an AMD box with 780G chipset and SB700 southbridge. All appears to be working, drives are recognized and I have a working volume. So far so good. It is running XPEnology 5.2-5967 and DSM 5.2-5967-1. Directly installed, no ESX or HyperV. Mainboard Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H. Only the SMART values are not read by DSM. I am especially missing the drive temperatures. Is this a setting or a driver issue? On the console of the pc, smartctl command reports drive serial but states that SMART is not enabled. Edit: I ran a Gparted live linux on this box and SMART was