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  1. @HorstHoden - thank you for finding the solution - It worked on Chrome
  2. Hi all, I would like to try and contribute with two ideas. Might not be entirely new. I tried to install ARPL in ESXi 7, using DS3622xs, DS3617 and DS3615 but every time I got a message with Disk not detected. After doing some research, I found a fix by adding two options in cmdline: SataPortMap with value 58 DiskIdxMap with value 0A00 Now I have a running DS3622XS+ VM. Maybe this can be added by default in ARPL loader, eventually on a per model basis if the values I found are not working on other models. Interesting discovery: by mistake I added a disk to VM using SCSI Paravirtual Adapter and it shows up in DSM 7. The importance of Paravirtual is that it uses less resources and it can be faster with lower overhead. The weird part is that only the first virtual disk (connected to SCSI Paravirtual adapter) is seen by DSM 7 and every other disk I connected are not detected - It would be great to have SCSI Paravirtual disks working in DSM 7 Thank you all for this great project. If needed I can add more details.
  3. boghea

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    VMXNET3 working only with CPU IOMMU disabled (VMware CPU option) Hello all, For everyone that is interested in using 10GB VMXNET3 network adapter - must be in addition to an Intel E1000E because you will not be able to install/update For example, my setup consists of one E1000E - used for normal access of Synology services and 2 VMXNET3 NIC's used for iSCSI/NFS access to my ESXi hosts. I have a 2 port 10GB physical NIC on the ESXi. You can use perfectly fine VMXNET3, even with DirectPath I/O checked, as long as you DON'T enable CPU IOMMU - this took a while to figure out and I hope this will help someone in a similar scenario Please post this information where is best suited.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I am intereseted in the source code mostly because virtualbox package needs it, in order to work on new version of DSM. Since everyone is focused on quicknick's loader (when it will be releasead) I believed that source code issue was somehow lost.
  5. Hello everyone, Can anyone confirm that these are the source files for Synology DSM 6.0.2? https://sourceforge.net/projects/dsgpl/files/ toolkit was modified on 2016-12-22 and DSM 6.0.2 Tool Chains were modified on 2016-11-30. Maybe this will help speed things up with a new version of loader (any kind). Regards.
  6. Hi, I have updated my test synology vm, hosted by an esx 6, and no issues found, meaning all installed packages are running and volumes are still mounted. I rebooted the vm several times without any issues.
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