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    DSM 6.0.2 source files

    Thanks for the clarification. I am intereseted in the source code mostly because virtualbox package needs it, in order to work on new version of DSM. Since everyone is focused on quicknick's loader (when it will be releasead) I believed that source code issue was somehow lost.
  2. boghea

    DSM 6.0.2 source files

    Hello everyone, Can anyone confirm that these are the source files for Synology DSM 6.0.2? toolkit was modified on 2016-12-22 and DSM 6.0.2 Tool Chains were modified on 2016-11-30. Maybe this will help speed things up with a new version of loader (any kind). Regards.
  3. boghea

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 2

    Hi, I have updated my test synology vm, hosted by an esx 6, and no issues found, meaning all installed packages are running and volumes are still mounted. I rebooted the vm several times without any issues.