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  1. eddiex666

    XPEnology on nuuo?

    sorry for hastitating But do any1 have any idea at all? , a no will be even nice Eddie
  2. eddiex666

    XPEnology on nuuo?

    i just wounder, if its possible install it at all , or if there is some triks? I see that there is people that has tryed to install on Qnap 212 witch uses a older Marvel cpu, how did that go? Eddie
  3. eddiex666

    XPEnology on nuuo?

    Hi, has anyone tryed to install XPEnology on a Nuuo (nvr mini 2) ? It runs a Embedded Linux, and has a Marvell 88F6283 1.0GHz cpu. it has only 256MB memory Any tips will be nice. Greetings Eddie
  4. eddiex666

    DSM push services?

    So... I am able to use SMS services and rewrite the URL and send it to eventghost or.similary. But I was more intresting in adding another PUSH service... so I will have email, SMS and webpush Maybe there is a global "alert" engine? that can send the alert to my eventghost? Eddie
  5. eddiex666

    DSM push services?

    Hi, I just wounder if someone knows if its possible to add http push services? I have and testing email, sms, and I see that it is skype and synology push services... I would like to have a URL based push, is this possible? It can be all alerts , because I will filter the alerts in Eventghost. like: http://a.b.c.d:xx/alert?%disk1%=full or something like this.... I uses DSM 5.0-4493. on Xenserver Any tips will be gooood Greetings Eddie