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    Recommended amount of memory

    I'd say - run an 8Gb stick and you'll have enough for all your needs - for years to come that is!!! I use roughly the same services including plex and I never see it above 8% usage out of the 8gb I have installed. Btw, FreeNAS sucks bigtime unless you run it on UPS and with ECC ram. If not, you will be sure to loose all your data at some point due to improper SD or Ram error. Trust me - been there.. done that. FreeNAS is perfect in the perfect environment, but for the most of us, the perfect environment is too expensive.
  2. dutchmhk

    Help upgrading please

    No, you need to run the 5592.pat file first. You can tell them appart from the file size. The biggest file is the basic 5592 sw - run that first, and then - when it's all god, run the updates 1>4 regards dutch
  3. They fixed the bugs - it's all working 100% now. including the 5644 update 1
  4. Hi Guys Just created my first XPEnology Server and it runs perfectly. Flashed my NIC with a MAC from my old synology server Did the same for the Serial no in CFG file so everything should be fine - MAC and Serial no are matched. So everything runs perfectly but... I cannot logon to Synology Account from within the XPEnology server. The account works great from http://www.synology.com I had no problem with this on my old synology server. What am I missing??! Only mishmatch is the fact that the Serial no points to a different Synology Type than the Type used in CFG file. Serial no points to RS810+ and CFG file points to the DS3615xs Could some of you guys point me in the right direction ? Tnx in advance Dutch