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    New server, Hardware rec

    And WD Red vs Seagate NAS, on 2TB HDD's, any difference? I can buy Seagate here for a lower price.
  2. k-otic

    New server, Hardware rec

    Thank you for your opinion, UNSC-117. But as I stated, I want something that is modular, that I can replace/upgrade in case of need, or malfunction. Synology NAS doesn't allow this flexibility, at least talking on low budget. Nevertheless, another problem on buyng used synology's over ebay is customs, if it is outside Europe, I also pay customs... So I'll stick with the custom build, and hope you understand
  3. k-otic

    New server, Hardware rec

    It is a nice combo. Do you know if features such as Wake on Lan will work on this? Enviado do meu HTC One_M8 através de Tapatalk
  4. k-otic

    New server, Hardware rec

    I'm in Portugal, but now I wish I'd be there.... But thank you for the suggestion. What a great deal!... Any suggestions of hardware outside ? Enviado do meu HTC One_M8 através de Tapatalk
  5. k-otic

    New server, Hardware rec

    Hello, I'm planning on buying hardware and instaling Xpenology, but I'm a little bit off the best hardware alternatives. I would want to do some transcoding, so it would be good to have 4GB of RAM. Also planning two hdd's for now but some escalability to a later upgrade. The main decisions: PSU must be ATX, so planning to buy a S12II-350; 4GB of RAM; two 2TB 3,5" Drives, thinking on going to cheaper HDD's like Seagate 2TB Barracuda 7200.14 or it has to be an "WD Red" for example? Motherboard with APU separated? (I think that maybe due to the type of equipment, CPU change won't be a valuable option, since when a normal APU outdates, probably MB will be too, don't you agree? Case? No clue, just thinking on finding some that allows ATX PSU, has at least four 3.5" hdd bays, and dust filters on air intakes, but haven't found "the one " yet.. Thank you in advance for the advices