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  1. Multiple platforms. Include DELL V130 notebook, NAS Server(G2120T with Zotec Z77) Intel NUC with i5 and Intel NUC with N2820. All platforms can launch DSM5.2 smoothly.
  2. Error code 13 (file interruption) is seen in web install.
  3. Hey guys, I try to install 1.02a2 with DS3617 image on my NAS, but the Synology assistant always notice me ERROR CODE 21 about installation file interruption during 'installing DSM' step. I replace computer and pat file, issue still exists. Does anyone meet this issue like me? Regards
  4. Have you added serial interface on both VM? Serial Port? I ignored it, is it necessary?
  5. Yes, i apologize for incomplete hints. You can create volume AFTER cluster has been created Hi Aigor, Sorry for my late and I was stuck into an trouble case...... Back to this question, I follow your steps, change all MTU of ESXi vSwitchs and interface MTU on DSM to 9000, but the problem still exist. A good news is, I take 2 N3160 motherboards for this test and I will update my result into this topic if you are interested in.... Regards Swanduron
  6. Hi experts, I want to use 2 xpenboot servers with SHA (synology high availability) in a business project and now I am testing the SHA function in ESXi server. I follow the guidance of synology offical document but the page shows 'operation failed, please re-login and retry', this is my mistake or limitation of xpenboot? Thanks a lot! Regards
  7. I think this should be a bug in DSM or xpe loader, the next version may fix this problem. For now, I use a Raspberry pi which launched a cron script to wake DSM every day. It seems not a good way to resolve this issue...... The worst case, I have to downgrade DSM to 5644.5, I ensure this release can power on/off device as expected.
  8. I tried to update system to 5967 update 2, problem still exist...... Waiting your update.....
  9. Thank you bro! It seems very interesting!!! Could you give more detail about this fix? I formatted my xpe boot loader and data disks, it should be 'whole-new' deployment for DSM. And now, my boot loader is XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 (17/07/2016) which is the top message in this forum.
  10. I found a option on BIOS which is "Wake on RTC", I will try it when I get off my work.
  11. Eeee..... Not clear what you said..... My friend installed 5644 on N3160 succfully and these CPUs are very similar in Intel ARK.
  12. Hi Experts, Before My NAS worked with 5022, the schedule function power on/off was working fine. Last night, I upgraded my NAS to 5697, power off works fine but power on does not work as expected. My mainboard is Z77 and CPU is Pentium 2120T, no any configuration is changed except DSM. Any idea? Regards Swanduron
  13. Asrock ITX server boards are not cheap in GreatChina...... You can refer to the below link in TaoBao.com...... To compare with high performance, I think the noise and heat radiation are important. My friend had replaced this HP Gen8 server's CPU from G2020T to E3-1230 and he got a HDD roaster. LoL~~ And he added 2 fans into the chassis, then he also got a noise box. https://world.taobao.com/item/525423622 ... smG#detail
  14. All of boards seems OK but I think it is not the best choice for your new NAS. The price of these boards should be higher than $200 and the E3 v5 CPU should be more expensive and has more requirement for heat radiation. In my practice, I used DELL R520 servers(2*L5520, 8G DDR3 REG, 6*2T HDD, 2*10G LAN) for ESXi matrix (more than 500 VMs) and use DIY NAS (G2120T, 4G DDR3, 4*1G LAN) for my private lab and decoding via Synology Video Center (2K source). So, a newest CPU (E3 v5) or fastest memory (DDR4) has no relationship with customer experience (or less obvious). If your budget is
  15. Hi guys, I seen some AMD MBs are suitable for the NAS platform, such as ASUS E35M1-I. I very concern the performance of code converting in Video Center and Disk Array speed. Anyone can give me suggestions for this solution? Thanks.