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    Instalar o no instalar... he aquí la cuestión

    Perdón por mi ignorancia pero a que te refieres cuando dices que tienes un disco de Backup automatico? Saludos y muchas gracias.
  2. MrFloppy

    DSM 6 apps and pacakges

    The problem is the client. In my LG SmartTV I have a Plex client but I don't have a Video Station client.
  3. MrFloppy

    Help Volume crashed

    Hi. Have you recovered your volumen?.
  4. MrFloppy

    Intel N3150/N3700 compatibility?

    It's a pity to hear that this motherboard has these problems with XPEnology.
  5. MrFloppy

    Transcode H.265 1080p with i3?

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. MrFloppy

    Intel N3150/N3700 compatibility?

    What case are you using? Can you explain " The fan is controlled by the bios instead of the bios."?. Thanks a lot.
  7. MrFloppy

    Transcode H.265 1080p with i3?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if it is possible to transcode H.265 1080p with i3, such as a 6100T ?. Has anyone tried it ?. Greetings and thank you very much.
  8. MrFloppy

    Intel N3150/N3700 compatibility?

    Some new about that problem?. I'm interesting in a XPEnology NAS with ASRock N3700.
  9. MrFloppy

    [Request] XBMC/KODI

    Is that possible?
  10. MrFloppy

    [Request] XBMC/KODI

    Any progress on this Thanks a lot.