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  1. A automatic plateform has been installed on this email : syn0_serial@protonmail.ch Please ask your serial here. Donate on BTC address are welcome.
  2. Thanks you. It was that... No problem in the past... Go to trash
  3. At guys who use this loader on N40L or N54L, what network speed you have for NIC integrated ?? I have 100Mbps....
  4. I should do that, i should can keep push notification enable
  5. Until 6.02 with respect loader, it doesn't work... Don't know what Khile's done but everything works!!
  6. Quickconnect is not required before, and push notification worked.
  7. You are right. But i think it's same method, just need to find driver compiled for this kernel. But i don't know why, but loader 1.01 with 6.02 my UPS doesn't work on USB of N40L. Now with the new loader custom for AMD (1.02b) it's working...
  8. Since what version ? In 6.0.2, i could enable Push notifications, with a serial from generator, and any MAC. Now it's not possible.. Sinology change something ?
  9. Update 1 released. Who try ?
  10. I am with N40L, and i tested with my APC, it worked. (but didn't work on 6.02 with 1.01 loader...) Wait, i will found the topic. EDIT : It was this: OHCI support (#4) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/418-kernel-hijack/
  11. I have a problem with package center, it's impossible to get the list.... Cannot install package. Don't know why,.... Synology forum are in timeout.... Try others DNS (google or opendns) it's same... IP blacklisted ?!?!?
  12. Yes of course. You need custom bios for N40L/N54L , to have this menu : Chipset >> Southbrigde configuration >> SB SATA Configuration Sata IDE Combined Mode ==> DISABLED Sata ESP on all port ==> Enabled Source : https://homeservershow.com/forums/topic/3397-modified-bios-for-microserver-n40l-enables-hidden-features/
  13. New problem, cannot install package. The loading is infinite... EDIT:
  14. Fixed for eSata. Just need to change setting in bios. (in Southbrigde configuration).
  15. eSata port tested. Doesn't work. Like internal Sata.