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    Working DSM 6

    Yeah but VirtualDSM talks with the real DSM to get some info about CPU, serial number, and some other things. You can't just pick it up and put it in KVM somewhere else. You could emulate the host's side of the communication, or patch VirtualDSM. Yeah of course. I just was thinking it's maybe a bit easier with drivers already present optimized for a VM situation. I could then patch VirtualDSM as suggested. I also looked in the DockerDSM package. It has no serialnumber check or something because there is no bootloader, but spotted an extra port connection to verify the host system. So then the simplest way to get it going for now is your approach with the E1000 nic on ESxi 6.
  2. drboba

    Working DSM 6

    Just an update looking a bit in the Virtualisation package I see it's just QEMU. So nothing fancy I would say.
  3. drboba

    Working DSM 6

    Oktisme I know what you mean. My idea was more cause they did use some virtual machine hosts system (kvm in this case as you said), it would maybe be possible to just extract the boot image that they use for it. Cause it's all standard virtual KVM hardware. But if you say it's more based on direct real hardware access we are for sure back to the non released headers problem. It was just an idea to get around this problem in a creative way.
  4. drboba

    Working DSM 6

    I was looking around in this DSM 6 a bit. I had an idea, would it not be possible to extract the VM images or something like this from the in beta Virtual DSM and see how they made them work. Cause I see when you make a virtual DSM you also need to go true the install with it's own pat file. I know this version is a little bit more limited then the normal one but for must users it could be sufficient. And it could also be a pretty versatile build, cause it's perfect for virtualisation.