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    Hp Microserver N40L Restart Problem

    I have the same issue on my N54L, I have to reinstall and then migrate once the unit is powered off. Still working through it after double checking my VID and PID etc.
  2. Thanks Polanskiman, it has let me change the speed to 1500. I agree, you can't beat a fresh install.....I think I will go that route when I get time. Cheers
  3. Do you think this is most likely the reason why? It was ticked and set to 9000 the whole time on my 5.2 install. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks everyone for their hard work on setting this up. I have had Xpenology running bare metal on my HP N54L for over 3 years now and have been on 5.2 for some time. Thought I would take the leap to 6.1 using the 1.02b loader. Added VID and PID using your instructions and used the existing MAC off the 5.2 install. Didn't have any trouble migrating it and had it all up and running. The only thing I changed was reset the IP to static. It nagged me for the update to 6.1.5 and after a bit of reading and successful updates I completed the update. After it rebooted I was unable to log into the NAS. Tried Synology Assistant (both web and installed version) but it couldn't be found. Plex, Sonarr and transmission were all running though and I could log into them! The only way I could get back in was to reinstall 6.1.5-15254 and migrate it again. I have read through these pages and the only thing I could find was about the MTU value being manually set to 9000 which mine is.....if I untick it and save it it comes back as ticked again. Any help would be great! Cheers, Simon.
  5. RXII

    Reset Network? Can't find diskstation

    Thank you very much, I was able to reset the IP address using method 1! It was weird the numbers it was spitting out before Cheers, RXII
  6. Hi, I have had my HP N54L running faultlessly for over 18 months now and are currently running the latest 5.2 5644.1. I have had it set with a static IP address all this time with a gateway Yesterday I made a change with my network where I had to change the gateway address ( so I set my diskstation to DHCP and changed over the router settings. Now no matter what I do I cannot find the diskstation on the network. I have tried putting the router back to the original gateway (, I have tried plugging the diskstation directly into my PC to see if I can find the address as well as running wireshark software to locate it with no success. I also tried the Install/Upgrade option as I know in the past it has reset the network but both Synology Assistant and the web based locator won't find it. Is there a way to reset it on the Xpenoboot boot stick? I have plugged in a monitor and it seems to be booting ok and finishes loading with "Diskstation login" Please help as I am starting to stress out! Cheers, RXII