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  1. Stay where you are, i had DSM 6 when it was supported on N54L, had some issues with it. If you want to try nevertheless, try with some other hard disk and usb boot drive and always have a backup! Now i'm back at DSM 5, perfectly happy with it because everything works as it should be
  2. Did you upgraded from DSM 5->DSM6? Or Clean installed DSM 6? I'm asking because i also have an HP N54L and successfully installed Update 7 with no problem at all.
  3. Hello there, first of all thanks devs for the great work..!! I have an HP N54L with 4x4TB WD Reds for some time in DSM 6, one of them had bad sectors and i got a replace with a new one (!) 5TB WD Red. Xpenology reads the new drive correctly but doesn't allow me to perform Secure Erase (It says my drive doesn't support it). Is it a because of hardware limitation or software related? Thanks in advance!!