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    Working DSM 6

    Any idea when Xpe 6 can by relased?
  2. cyzxer5

    Installing DSM on old Dell computer and error

    I chacked on two diffrend hard drives - with deleted partitions. I got your tips about record in slo-mo mode and now i know what is not starting: Loading module r8169_new [FAILED] Loading module mptsas [FAILED] Loading module mpt2sas [FAILED] Loading module mvsas [FAILED] any idea what is it mean? In nanoboot menu i have no instalation mode. I can just start DSM.
  3. cyzxer5

    Installing DSM on old Dell computer and error

    I update BIOS to that latest, reset BIOS to default, disable all devices - left on only graphic card and ethernet card. I can not diseble IDE controller but i have no devices conected by IDE anyway, i can not change SATA mode. More what I did it was disconect sound card from PCI and video card from PCI-E. In this moment turn on is: power supply, motherboard with integrated ethernet card and video card, hard drive. When Nanobot is starting i have 3 or 4 errors "FIELD" but it is too fast and i don't know with what was wrong something. Still the same effect... just error. I would like to check the log of installation but i have no idea how to log in...
  4. Hi guys, on the begening i want to say sorry for my english but this is my second language so i'm not that good on it I have one old computer Dell Dimension 4700: Intel pentium 4 HT 32 bit 3,0Ghz 1GB DDR2 1066mhz RAM Hard drive for the moment is some SATA 250GB but i alredy check and problem is exist also on another drives. To the point: I starting from pendrive NanoBoot x86 for DS214Play which is starting, then I turn on Synology Asisstant - click on that founded server and connect. It is starting web browswer with instalation wizard where i try to install that xpenology image DSM 5.0-4528. After format drive, installation is starting but it is standing on 55% and after around one minute i get error "Instalation field, file is prapobly broken (13)" Before i try to install it by click on "install" instead off "connect" in Synology Assistant but that is not working as well - i just get error code: 21 and information that now telnet is turn on on the server to check log - i connected to check but telnet need login and password to server which i dont know... Today I updated Bios for the latest version but it doesn't help... If you could help me solve this problem then I will be really greatfull because this PC is muth more powerfull then my poor DS115J. I think i suposte to start from log in to telnet and check the log so if is someone who can tell me deaful login and password and then how to reach log file it will by great! Again sorry for my english - i know that is not perfect Best Regards Patrick