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  1. Deluge has a hidden umask of 022 that i CANNOT find for the life of me. It causes issues with any automation because sickbeard and couchpotato cannot rename/move these files as they are read only to any profile other than deluge. any thoughts on where i can change the umask or a hotfix? I have already changed the /etc/profile umask to 002 and no cigar.
  2. So for anyone this helps, I finally deduced it to a hardware issue. I ran debug from boot and moved some folders around until it gave me an IRQ 17. Which was talking about my NIC. It disabled my nic and ruined everything after some event. I added irqpoll to the kernel line and it fixed the issue. atleast for now. ill update if something changes
  3. Ok, I have done about 1000 tests before coming on here trying to fix it myself and i am unable. It is blowing my mind. Issue: After a constantly changing amount of time, i can only read/write the HDD at about 500kbps to 800kbps via CIFS/SAMBA/FTP. The issue also is simply internal as plex cannot read the information on the disks fast enough once it goes into this state. Non-resolutions: I initially thought it was a conflicting package issue, so i fresh installed the DSM and installed no additional packages. same issues. I then thought it was a disk spindown issue, so i turned off disk spindown. same issues. I have a laptop running DSM just fine. no issues. I am starting to believe it is a hardware issue. but i cannot surmise which hardware is having the issue! Is it my NIC card? Is it my HDDs? Is it a setting on the BIOS putting something to sleep i cannot find??? HELP!