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    Update Risk

    What I try to say is, if I install lastest version available now, I'll want update to 6.2. Now I have a DS-413J with 4 4TB hard drives (12TB SHR) and no space free. I transfered a few TB to external disks to continue using my Synology. Because this, I decided build a huge Xpenology Bare Metal, with 40tb for now, and sell DS-413J. What I understood, one possible problem with the update would be only with the system itself, so, I could leave data intact just by disconnecting my raid disks and connecting a spare disk to test, right? Tnx
  2. Radakka

    Update Risk

    I am building a Xpenology Nas with 10 hard drives, and I intend to use 8tb disks (5 disks initially). With, at least, 36 tb I will not be able to backup all data everytime I update DSM. I know.. could loose all data. but what's the real risk to do this without backup? Does anyone update it without problems?