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  1. Okay.. thought I was losing my mind last night.. Pulled an ISO for 5592 yesterday, burned. Took a Dell OP 760 first.. booted/installed et al.. could not create a volume. Fought with it every which way.. no go. Connection failed. Please check your network settings. My network settings.. for creating a volume?.. Pulled down an OP 780 and blew the dust off.. also put some RAM in.. go figure.. Same deal. Woke up early.. went to a client's site where I had formerly set one up on a Precision T3500, okay? Pulled the HDD and smote the partitions, took the CD which it still had in it.. SAME problem on the OP 760. (didn't bring the other.. it was after 5am..). Fine.. went with the "effit" maneuver and put the drive back in, CD back in.. installed et al.. and IT won't create a volume.. it could before. Conclusions: A fresh build from a 5592 ISO ends up with a 5644 build.. I did notice that last night between the pre-rebuild and the new guy last night.. as well as the former-5592-now-5644. I'm sure a manual/PAT might help me there.. "I" didn't ask for 5644, the thing did that by itself.. even from an ISO and CD from weeks ago on the same hardware. Cannot create a volume.. whatever this issue is, it is broken from the get-go. I go with the CD because too often I cannot get a good boot order AND attach an external USB HDD for backup or whatever.. and reboot. Inevitably the hardware derps and tries to boot the wrong USB.. but that's just me. I can't be the only one trying this from fresh and hitting the volume wall. Sure, I can hack at it and all.. but the "it just works" approach isn't. While I'm sure I may or may not have had fun on an upgrade.. I was just trying to build another box to begin with.. go figure.