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    [SOLVED]HELP! Problem after update!

    My NAS have been working perfectly since i got it around 10 months ago, so i havent been so intressted in updating. Idid read in the forums, but i totally missed one step, to upload the DSM 5592 manually so i got the 5644 automatic. Hehe. Yeah i saw them afterwards... But im all good now! I made a downgrade from 5644 to 5592 and it worked out good! Thank you for the information!
  2. Hello! I've just updated my N54L to 5.2 5644, and i can access it and so on, but the problem is i get this message "Abnormality detected on NAS. All volumes have been unmounted." And i've tried to turn it off, and on, rebooting.. What should i do to get my two HDD back? Best Regards, Makkan.