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  1. Hey everyone, I did have XPEnology a few years ago but took it down since the server did not have enough storage. I want to reinstall it now but was curious, can the software also install VMWare or another type of virtual server software like the better RS from Synology can?


    Also, if thats possible, is there a way to have the quickconnect address yet for this? Or any other way I could login through a host name like quickconnect without using a VPN when not at home?



  2. hi to all


    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 gen II and i have tha same problem with the NIC's, i try to install all differend images, in the 5.2 version NIC's don't work!Only in the 5.1-5055.1 works fine and works the WOL without change the serial number or to add the script.My only issue in this version is the system / hdd hibernation which i can't to make it work. if someone has success with this problem please tell me!


    I was on TomsHardware forums yesterday and they asked me to get a $10 Linux Compatible NIC card. I'm picking it up today soon from Newegg($12 total). I'll post back soon if it fixes the issue, but if it does and you have the ability to get one and you can instal it I would suggest getting it if you don't want to wait for the 5644.2 update.

  3. I found that if I use the 5.1 boot images I can get the system to boot and install properly.....however I found an additional issue.


    When I try to make the changes to the synoconfig file to increase the number of drives to 24 or more, I can get the system to recognize all the drive. I can create volumes or disk groups no problem. The issue is when I completely loss power to the server and disk array. Basically unplugging the power from the wall to simulate a power outage. I find that when I bring the system back up, synology assistant says that the server is "migrateable" and i have to reinstall DSM. I've tried different 5.1 boot images and update levels (none in the 5.2 version work with the NIC's). I've creating volumes and disk groups that are in the disk array and then others that are internal to the server.


    I can't seem to get the server and disk array to survive a simulated power outage and boot the system without having the volumes show as degraded and crashed.


    I have 4 volumes setup so on power up after this happens 2 volumes have issues and then reinstalling becomes a nightmare as it seems to loop after you reinstall (syno assistant keeps saying its migratable).


    Anyone have any ideas or am I doomed with this hardware on Xpenology and would I be better off looking elsewhere?



    I used the 5.1-5022 image as well but couldnt figure out the pat image, the synology assistant says its corrupt when I download them

  4. Hi, is there anyway to add Dell R610 NIC drivers? I believe its the Broadcom BCM5709C not too positive... even after trying 5644 I receive eth0/1/2/3 are not up. Thanks :smile:


    I made a mistake and put the missing firmware in /lib/firmware/bnx2x/ instead of /lib/firmware/bnx2/ :sad:

    You have to move the file bnx2-mips-09-6.2.1b.fw from bnx2x to bnx2 folder.

    This will be fix the next repack/release.


    Ok cool, is there an easy way to do it? Ive never worked with images before and I have no clue how to. I would need the idiot how to guide lol.


    Thanks for the help :smile:

  5. Hello everyone,


    My issue is that when I boot from the USB with XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5592.2 boot image, it doesn't see my Ethernet cable... I have a Dell PowerEdge R610 which I got from work.


    The NIC port itself does show its on with traffic but my router doesn't notice it as well.


    Any help would be appreciated if there's any ideas or suggestions.


    Thank you

  6. Hi everyone, so I really love my current Synology Disk Station but I really wish I bought one with more CPU and RAM. I was able to grab a Dell R610 server from my job to use at home and I really want to install DSM on there but I have no idea how.


    From all the How To Guide's they all seem kind out of outdated and confuse the heck out of me since Ive never done this before.


    Is there any updated How To's with the 5.2 update or can someone walk me through the install?


    I appreciate any help


    Thank you

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