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  1. Hello, First of all, TY shteve !! This bios-tip helped me fix the problem that when tranmission started to download PLEX would stall. New healthy graph (used to be like neels graph): Notice the downloading speed in the upper right (it used to never go above 1MB/sec, if it reached 1MB/sec my PLEX would start to get in trouble (stopping playback) and CPU IOwait would be through the roof. I achieved this by setting the following in the VM's BIOS: (Under advanced go to "Cache memory" and enable memory cache, then set all to "write through" and others that dont have this option to "write protect" To check if cache is now on, check with the following: (dmesg | grep -i cache) Notice that after a reboot the settings in the VM's bios go back to: But after reboots with the dmesg|grep -i cache < cache continues to work properly! I hope this makes someones as happy as me that PLEX stops video when downloads start in the backgroun:) Grs SRKI